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450 free it's mark with your journey ray add darrell poet talk about whatever's on your mind we're talking about a ruling from a judge apparently as saying now that you you don't have to have a house to have a hole and i've always thought this was kind of interesting because like what about people live at rvs all the time where's their residency well now you're asking a completely different question well i guess we got like residency at a whole were not necessarily the same thing residency as a fixed place my big concern is this i know that a police officer can has a much lower threshold to be able to search your vehicle than they do to search your house correct and uh courts have interpreted that rvs are considered to be homes in that sets as far as searches go the though what is what is it rv by definition i don't have the legal definitions in front of me i just curious as to what does it what's the bed never bed what's the bed is abed bed a large new for bed have to pay because a baby bed is by definition a bad cut a fruit todd also be a seat flattens out is that a bed is this this line of a discussion illustrates the dangerous fantasy of the rule of law the english language is is horrible it's it's incapable or any spoken languages incapable of perfectly describing any kind of idea or thing or anything at all and there are some people like darryl w perry who delight in under in knowing what the prevailing uh opinions are and legal definitions and so forth because i want to know what i canning can't do without some dude with a garden handcarved throwing may get a.

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