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We are joined by special guests enrica. What's going on? How's it going in great to be here? Thanks for having me. Yeah. It's well. It's great to be here. We're at Khiva in Sunny San Francisco. Today it's a great day to be talking marketing and a great day to be talking about all things. Kiva. We're huge fans. I've never got AKIVA microloans before but I have heard so many success stories and it's an incredible platform so we'll get into that but before hall of that. How did you get into marketing in the first place whole before going to that? I'll make sure you make alone on. Keep it before you leave the building very Galileo but Greek question one way or another. I feel like I've been in marketing. My career but the way they started was early my career I was in sales. Which really when you think about is just a part of the marketing funnel but for the first five years of my career. I was doing sales and I was. I'm originally Brazilian. So I was doing international development Working with an American company in Chicago and Doing Business Elements America so I split my time between Chicago and Brazil mostly and we were pretty successful at selling these tools that had been built originally for the US and European market into South America. And at that point we started to think about this market has real potential. How about we developed some tools and products for Latin America and I was a big part of that process. And that's when I discovered. Wait a minute thinking about the customer thinking about building a product thinking about bringing a product to market is a lot more interesting than sending cold emails. So that's when I decided I wanNA pivot and go completely into marketing and I decided to go back to school and and to facilitate that pivot. I I went to Kellogg to get my Mba and northwestern university and That's how I pivoted completely to be one hundred percent focused on marketing but it was really that sales experience that gave me that foundation of interacting with customers day in and day out understanding their their their needs making sure that we're delivering on that need is what really got me interested in doing it in scale Through the marketing department so flash forward to today tell me a little bit about your role as head of Marketing Brand Kiva. That is a great question so as you know very well..

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