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Yes. Second summit between President Trump and North Korean leader, Kim Jong UN it's expected to happen near the end of February. The location has not been announced a genealogy nonprofit in Orange County has helped identify the body of a woman murdered more than thirty years ago. From Anaheim was found in nineteen eighty-seven stabbed naked in her hands have been cut off calling Fitzpatrick with the DNA DOE project says since last year, the volunteer groups, I did six Jane and John does using similar techniques to the Golden State killer case, those people need respect with twenty more cases open. A lot are going to be identified. A lot of suspects killers are going to be identified we in a revolution of human identification. Fitzpatrick says a gave this family a chance to grieve and points cops in new directions to find the killer in Orange County. Corbin Carson KFI news. Several homes have been yellow or red tagged because of mudslides during the storms a hill under a house in echo park collapsed yesterday and crushed a couple cars Nichols canyon area. In Hollywood hills was evacuated because of mud flow and four houses are still yellow tagged a house in laurel canyon was evacuated because a mudslide ended just sixty yards away. And earlier this week. A sliding hill in Encino knocked a guest house off its foundation, the Pomona police department and state tax officials the bus. To unlicensed pot shops. Investigators arrested four people yesterday and seized almost twenty seven pounds of marijuana along with more than five thousand dollars in cash Pomona bands selling marijuana. Even though residents are allowed to use it under state law. The state says pot can be delivered anywhere in California. The bureau of cannabis control says voters approved statewide delivery, Charles Harvey with the league of California cities says people voted for a dual licensing system proposition. Sixty four is clear in that it allows local control local regulation authority by cities and counties to regulate cannabis as they see fit for their communities. The dispute on how the rule is written is likely to be decided by the courts, Democrats and Republicans are calling each other petty over the latest Trump Pelosi feud, President Trump announced yesterday, he's delaying house speaker Pelosi's planned trip to a war zone seems to be in response to Pelosi's request to delay the state of the union address until after the shutdown union, Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney says she started it. Back and forth. Speaker Pelosi began really doesn't help anything at all Virginia. Democratic Senator Tim Kaine says Trump is a bully this guy is so unbelievably petty. Then this is bullies everywhere are petty insecure. People Democrats also say Trump was wrong to disclose the speakers travel plans which were secret for security reasons. A car bombing at a police academy in the capital of Columbia has killed at least twenty one people. A pickup truck loaded with one hundred seventy five pounds of explosives somehow got through a security checkpoint yesterday. The police academy is one of the most heavily secured areas in Colombia, the president calls it a miserable terrorist act.

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