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This fantasy football today from cbs sports mail us at fantasy football cbs i dot com we're here help you win your league in have bragging rights on your friends all right a lot to get to today show up y'all had a great weekend welcome back it is monday the ninth of april you might be hearing this on tuesday any breaking news overnight sorry we will not be getting to adam as you're here at adam as a is e e r on twitter at dave richard is with me at jamie is berg j m e y is also here we're gonna finish up talking about that draft last week we're doing a pr draft later this week we got beckham news we got saints receiver news and we got voicemails and emails oh my guys what was your favorite late round pick from last week's draft the best late round pick didn't have to be your team i spent a lot of time looking at this and studying it and i'm going to go with a pick you made adam hundred thirty sixth overall ben rothlisberger yeah and had to show and watson so i i mean i think that this is going to be something that fantasy owners might wanna consider is taking two quarterbacks the i mean you wanna do it because it's great value the problem is is that if too many people do it and one of the quarterbacks one of the first twelve quarterbacks that gets taken sucks the trade market for one of those second quarterbacks on the team's your following me though second quarterbacks year rothlisberger matt ryan's your james winstons the trademark it isn't going to be very strong for them unless they are really really good.