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And your loved ones. I hope you all had a merry Christmas. I also know that speaking for your families. They are missing you. And they love you the president and first lady's spent about three hours in Iraq on his way, home he stopped to Germany to meet troops at a US air base. The partial government shutdown appears to be far from over most members of congress are out of town for the holidays. President Trump just got to DC this morning. And even though the Senate technically will be back in session this afternoon. Lawmakers have been told they'll get a twenty four hours notice before having to return for a vote on a spending deal the White House and congressional Democrats have been talking, but it reportedly not making much progress a mom and her teenage son had been found dead at an apartment complex in van Nuys. Detectives say the deaths do not appear to be a murder suicide. A man called police last night to say that he found his wife and thirteen year old son dead. Investigators say the man has been cooperative at not currently. We suspected in the killings. Police say it appears the apartment or the people inside it were targeted officials have not said how the mom and her son were killed in van Nuys, Andrew mollenbeck, KFI news. The sheriff of Santa Claus county says the man suspected of murdering a police officer west of Moore said is in the country illegally officer Ron Neil saying was shot yesterday in the city of new men by a man whose truck he had pulled over as part of a DUI investigation. Newman police chief Randy Richardson says a loss of sing is tough. This is a man that I relieved on Christmas day. So you go home and spend time with his family and his newborn child. The cop killer has not been caught though his truck was found about four miles from the crime scene on duty deaths for police have increased by twelve percent. This year national law enforcement officers memorial fund CEO Craig Floyd told wakeup call one hundred forty four officers have died on the job just this year firearms related deaths. Number one calls of officer Pataudi fifty two officers. Shot and killed across the country. Thirteen percent higher than last year's numbers. This was the first year in a couple of decades that guns killed more officers than traffic incidents eleven officers died in California this year, including the one that was shot during a traffic stop on Christmas. West of said, thousands of Pacific gray whales have started migrating down the coast of California more than one hundred naturalists have just finished training to take families out on tours from Redondo beach, Long Beach and marina del Rey. Diane outs. With Cabrera whale-watch says, it's one of the longest migrations of any mammal in the world starting up in the Arctic waters where they feed all summer long down to these lagoons in the peninsula of Mexico. There are twenty seven thousand gray whales. Some as big as a school bus making the ten to fourteen thousand mile round trip. Have recovered quite successfully from wailing of the late eighteen hundreds well season runs through mid April with mini tours heading out daily in San Pedro Corbin. Carson KFI news a hippopotamus born two months premature in two thousand seventeen has recent important milestone Fiona who lives at the Cincinnati zoo. Now as a thousand pounds when she was born a preemie in January twenty seventeen she weighed just twenty nine pounds Fiona has another ten or so to go before reaching a normal adult weight of about three thousand pounds traffic.

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