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Yeah i guess. I've just figured that. I i guess i just figured that it would never. They would never respond to me. Because it's ingrained in their head to not deal with reality. Steve so i figure my message is getting is falling on deaf ears. They're not gonna listen to it. I wouldn't assume that. I mean i think after. We've all been contestants. We know who you are and what the deal is in. It's quite interesting to know what you have to say. I mean put it. This way. I mean i have i. I have done. In the past where i reached out privately i And then you know it backfired. I was told. I was meddling in people's relationships and then it's just like okay. I reached out to help. I reached out to give you information about somebody that i thought was pretty relevant. If you're going to jump into a relationship with this guy and then it backfires on me. And i'm told a meddling in people's relationships and i'm harassing them. It's like well that's how they feel that's how they feel. Why would you then go public public with it. Just never went public with. They did okay. I mean look. I you do whatever you want. I just get really clear on. Why do these things if it's a an altruistic acts where you just want to. You just want the person to know what they're getting into then. I think there's better ways to do it personally. I could understand if i were in her position. I mean i don't know what this is you but like enjoying having the influence on the show. That's a really powerful feeling Enjoying the tension. It gathers i just. I don't think either of those things bad to feel. But i would just be honest with yourself about if you are feeling the stinks because that might be swaying direction and you might not be aware of it. Hurt willing to admit it yeah. I think there's a part of me that knows that this role i have in this franchise is to get the quote unquote truth out there at times. And so if i see something on tv. And i know something's totally opposite behind the scenes. Yeah there's a part of me that's like okay. What's being shown isn't the truth and my readers and my listeners wanted know the dirt that's what they they love as long as it's dirt about somebody that they don't like They love it. And so yeah. There's a part of me that wants to provide that and clearly. I have a lot of behind the scenes dirt but for the last six months or whatever haven't shared any of it and there's and there is some there is some shit out there. I'm not talking. About just you know sexual assaults stuff and rape stuff Here on. I'm not even talking about that. Not just not diminishing those things. I'm just saying i'm not even talking about that. I'm just talking about there. Are people in this franchise right now that you're watching on tv. That are putting up a giant facade. And i know about it. I have proof of it but again if i go of their publicly i become the asshole in public enemy number one and i hate women because i'm outing her and it's just like i you know that that's where it got to me to a point where i'm just like you know it's not worth it anymore. It's not worth it but it doesn't mean it. It doesn't mean i don't know something that's true because i've got you know the info sitting on my phone hell smaller. You know much lower level stuff. But i texted you that video this weekend or at the end of the last weekend. You know of amd argument right now. My without using names we can. We can say like i. Am i gonna use names. But i can publicly talk about it. The video i sent you of somebody on paradise this season. Who's hooking up with. Somebody else and i sent you the video of the proof of them on a facetime remember. No i've no. I've not regarding that. Are you sure he's not to me. Yes i know. I did hold on. Let me go back. I know i did member. It was like it was like thursday or friday night. Here jacqueline.

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