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Twenty five till accuweather dot com meteorologist heather zehr has the national forecast what are we going to have we're going to have several areas of precipitation across the country for today one is going to be a weak front that's going to push out of the great lakes and the midwest across the ohio valley and the northeast that will have some shower and thunderstorm activity within don't nothing severe we're mostly going to see that activity around during the afternoon and early evening hours ahead of that front the warmth and the humidity going to build across the northeast and down into the mid atlantic for today we're also going to look for afternoon storms to pop up across the tennessee and lower mississippi river valleys those are not going to be severe however we do have a possibility of severe storms in the northern rockies areas across western and central parts of montana may end up with some strong even severe storms for this afternoon and the early part of tonight meanwhile farther south into the four corners region especially up through arizona and utah will end up with showers and thunderstorms once again these are going to primarily bring the risk of flooding rainfall and are going to be most widespread during the afternoon and evening hours they will spill over somewhat into parts of colorado and new mexico as well as over into southern portions of nevada and california the heat backing off a little in the northwest although it still plenty steamy across much of california that's the nation's weather i'm accu weather dot com meteorologist heather zehr on this date in nineteen thirteen the temperature reached one hundred thirty four degrees fahrenheit and death valley california it was the hottest recorded temperature ever in the us and remains a record that date fell on a friday in nineteen thirteen they said it was going to be a hot weekend on this date in one thousand nine hundred rca's trademark logo his master's.

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