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You name it. They got it if you're not in california and you can't enjoy this kind of stuff. Legally i really do one day. You'll be part of the civilized world's well and until then give them a follow on instagram tradecraft farms. There used to be an underscore there. I can't go back and change all my old podcast reads but they got rid of the underscore which i think was a very good move. Just tradecraft farms on instagram. Give them a follow and tell them you're boy mad. The smoking tire sent you all right on this episode of the entire. Podcast dorito extraordinaire times. Champion sack is he multiple times champion by saying that correctly. Three times champion Formula drift champion. Chris forsberg this is one of my favorite people to see in the paddock. Every year He's always got an amazing attitude. He's always doing stupid fun things and buying stupid fun cars and building stupid fun. Cars playing with his friends ryan turk and all the other fucking drift guys. Chris forsberg just rules and here. He is in our studio on the swim tire. Podcast chris forsberg is in the house. Is your phone salon ceo. It is yes. Don't be that guy. I will not be. That guy is always silence. Now like this. Do you drive your car with your phone in the car. Oh yeah because you gotta sit there in the grid line for a minute right. It's a very long time. I've actually been Made fun of for being on my phone. Ingram like up until like warm and the tires up. You know i actually. We'll tuck it in my car seat and the rest of your side. Just alleged and the seat cushion there. Good cellphone older. Then you know like there might be a crash all right well check instagram.

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