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I i would be on a on a film set in the director would <hes> after a takes a you know come over said it was great matthew gimme gimme a note know what something to change and then turned to the girl and say you look good and and and it was inappropriate <unk> again i was conscious. How how long ago was that <unk> acting now for forty years so yeah and is it still like that. Is it at all better. We evolved a little bit. It has a i. I'm gonna tell you a story now not because it's about me but because it because i'm going to give you an example so it's a comedy and the director insisted that he wanted to see my ass because it said in the script that you saw my ass and i told him i said look now. Nobody wants to see my old ask. If you really want to see a a guys but you know you get higher double. Give give give give somebody a job who doesn't mind right showing their ass in and see their but and he he he really insisted on it because it said in the script so so then began negotiation she ation it wasn't going to be full but it was going to be side but up and in the screen actors guild. There's there's a thing called a nudity clause a new any rider and you have to sign the writer before a nude scene can be filmed today. I was having sex with with a with a woman a taking her out. The details are not important but i i'm taking her from behind and she's up on all fours and my wife comes into the room and <hes> i won't spoil it in his comedy career comedy ensues as she catches me cheating on this woman now so in the nudity writer it said that all of the monitors would be turned off that there would be a sense of privacy that existed on the set that non not not all non-essential people would be removed from the set and is you know to offer you some privacy and i got a exhausted from the conversation about side but or back but old but and i just said to hell with it and i signed it now i'm naked on the set with my penis in a sauk with with a rubber band wrapped around it that that was that was my privacy was cover your genitals and <hes> you you kind of go into a place where you i think <hes> it's quite common when you're in in something that's uncomfortable or painful you disappear the cost like disassociate yeah like a car accident. You're in pain and you you go someplace you disassociate to protect yourself and i disappeared i. I was some place that that is so i i would be hurt by what was what was happening not that it was physically painful info but it was. I just didn't wanna be there was yeah it's embarrassing and what i was doing was embarrassing got children. I don't just hard it. It was just the whole thing was. I just had to escape now. What the screen actors guild doesn't understand is what happens you you have lawyers and staff members that are that are creating a nudity writer of protection for you but they have no understanding would would actually transpires on a film set so today the focus puller isn't sitting beside the camera pulling focus..

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