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The series the goal was to take one game in cleveland to steal homecourt advantage and that's what you did see you have to be happy with that you're in a great position right now you take care of business on your home court you're gonna win the series so i know it stings losing game two and especially when victor oladipo had a chance to tie it with three pointer late in the game and if you're the pacers you'll take that every single day of the week ball on your best players hands with a chance to tie the game late considering how the game started i think there's a lot to be happy with if you are nate mcmillan in the indiana pacers mcmillan africa loss we didn't do a good job tonight of keeping the ball in front of us we've made adjustments throughout that game was able to get back into the game you know the first quarter we knew they would come out aggressive you know they bus like basically hit us in the mouth and we was able to calm down and get ourselves back into the game ken the pacers win this series eight five five three two three four nbc it's eight five five three two three four six two two norman after this game that drew a lot of criticism on social media was the post game interview on tnt by allie laforce who asked lebron james about gregg popovich whose wife in case you weren't aware gregg popovich is wife passed away here on wednesday she was sixty seven years old she had been ill for some time pop and his wife were married for four decades and they have to children and two grandchildren the.

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