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Doctor's waiting Matte Virginia comedy. Chair director of the Division of Medical Ethics Nyu School of Medicine. Aren't thanks again? Coming up. Mask, wars are now being waged our local restaurants. I'm telling you Jim. It's knock down drag out. We're going to talk about that next Sunday night seven. W, H., Boston. Public radio. Welcome back to Boston public. Radio Jim Brady and Marjorie. We just have a couple of minutes. Still John Gruber joins us, but Marjorie wants to talk about this great piece by Beth. Restaurants obviously our new battleground for the great mass wars of twenty twenty, this great piece by Beth, I think it was yesterday and the globe details how a small but mighty insurgency is defined governor Baker mass mandate in when you can social distance and giving grief to staffers who are obliged to enforce it for the few people who haven't read best grape piece. Can you give us a yes? Summary of the travails that she describes them laughing, but it's really not fun. It was on my talk funny. On the front page the globe this morning, so she talked about how Michael's Deli in Brooklyn. You've probably been there Jim you. Sure the order says here to start closing on Mondays to give himself and a staff arrest from Feis over wearing masks. You said at least once a day. I'm told to go F- myself. I thought, either I'm going to assault. Somebody or I'm GONNA cause myself such stress that I have to go to the hospital. then. She talks to this Stacey. In Jamaica Plain who manages an ice cream shop for some reasons, ice cream store seemed to be the epicenter of these mask. Wars, Jim and Stacey runaway says the other day I had a GRUB hub driver pick up an order and she didn't have a mask I said he need a mask, but she proceeds to take the order anyway. Peanut Butter Sundae or something, and then on the way out, cause me a stupid expletive deleted now. I WANNA point out in Massachusetts. Massachusetts we haven't had any shootings or any actual beatings. If we've had another parts of the country over mask wars as Beth teitell calls it, but there has been a lot of problems. Heralds ice cream in north. Hampton and then I guess you. You had these two people on your show last night. They were terrific. Jody Adams whose founder of this restaurant advocacy group runs a bunch of great restaurants and this attorney Mas also a co-founder Yup with great cheeseburgers and..

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