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This movie, you know, this already, I'm gonna read it again, though futures Leonardo DiCaprio Brad, Pitt Leo's, the main character Dolin Margot Robbie, Sharon Tate, Kurt, Russell, Timothy Olifants Dakota fanning Luke Perry. Rest in peace out Pacino's in it. Damian Lewis in Steve McQueen Charles Manson played by Damon Harriman's. Joe Vance and a couple of times in this trailer, this movie looks great. Great. The hype is huge. It's the ninth movie from Quinton, Tarantino. They're hyping up to be big deal. It's always been this is last movie. I believe do this one of the next one. So this is a big deal for him. The cast issues having Brad, Pitt Leo next week. Other that's again, something that I'm sure is drawing. A lot of people who aren't, even just fans of Quentin, Tarantino. This is not based on. It's not based on the Charles Manson murders in terms like this is not a true story, we've gone over this before my feeling from this is, I would assume they're going to kill Charles Manson at the end of this movie. I think it's gonna have the same style that inglorious bastards was where Hitler dies at the end of that movie in the movie theater, I would imagine they're going to kill Charles Manson. That's just me. I would assume the murders are gonna go differently in this. That's just my prediction right now could be dead wrong. But that's like, the, the split quick reaction. I got from the trailer which is great, by the way, the trailers, great, I didn't think about that. But you might be onto something I do like the. He'll alternate history take on inglorious bastards. And I don't know. I don't know how Charles Manson going to frame this movie. I thought it was, you know, as a device to like frame, the absurdity of Hollywood with murders taking place around it. And maybe everyone being impervious but I don't think it's going to be that. So I'm really curious to see how that plays out. Everything else looks great. I love the it's got a real Pulp Fiction evolved to it in tarintino said, it's most Pulp Fiction movie since Pulp Fiction. Yep. So I'm really looking forward to that, because there's a lot of characters and there are a lot of characters and Pulp Fiction. So I'm hoping he does more of the we've, we've out sort of deal, he did there. Yeah. I'm I'm real excited here, all the all the right players are attached. The period, costumes and design is amazing and probably half. The reason I'm excited for this movie because everybody just looks dripped out through the words of my mouth pretty much. Excited because great cast great director for the most part and because affect that he mentioned that it was the most the one that's gonna be most like Pulp Fiction a trailer. I think better than the first one, and I agree with your, your hypothesis. Jeff. I do think that they're gonna kill Manson at the end. Yeah. I mean I could be the fact that I'm that seems obvious to me, probably means it's wrong because it's tarintino you just don't know. It's such a shocking ending to most of his movies. I'll read true, you can give some more thought second. I'll read some reviews, quick from can historically dubious the medically brilliant, Tarantino, finds form and movie. That might win the award cans top like palm door. I don't say properly or repick into by audiences. Maybe both thrilling provocative Tarantino was joking. When you said this was the closest to fiction that he has come a Tarantino's, brilliant exploitation, black comedy. Once upon a time in Hollywood finds a pulp fictionally redemptive take on the Manson nightmare. So that, that that's kind of one of the ones that me to that. Views but again, the more obvious it gets Tino. I think the better chance you're wrong. The world is a more colorful place in Quentin Tarantino's twilight zone. So some there's some people who found it polarizing. But most people really enjoyed it the takeaway, I'm getting for Lila reviews like both Leo, and Brad knock it out of the park, and the respective roles which rules, I think everybody's great. But, like I think in order for you to say, like Leonardo DiCaprio Brad Pitt or great at acting like you have to like turn on like a, a really, really great performance because I, I.

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