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On April seventh nineteen forty a litter of Scottish terriers was born on a new New York farm. Their owner Mrs Augustus G Kellogg gifted one of the puppies named big boy to her friend Margaret suk-lee with his stout body thick coats and long face. Big Boy was the perfect image of the Scottish terrier breed. Even if he didn't act like the typical Scotty the breed is known for their independent and confident attitudes but not necessarily for their ease with strangers but big speak boy was an exception he was an attention seeking good natured. Puppy Margaret's quickly took too big boy. She began training him him. He learns new tricks easily. The terrier was a social butterfly. A constant ham who loved the limelight. Not Unlike her beloved cousin President Franklin Delano Roosevelt during. FDR's Rehab following his one thousand nine hundred ninety one polio. Diagnosis Margaret was one of his most constant companions. That bond had only grown over the years and Margaret wanted to give if the president a gift to celebrate his victory in the nineteen forty election where he won his third term as president of the United States Margaret thoughts big boy was the perfect choice but FDR wife. Eleanor wasn't so sure or about the appropriateness of having a dog in the White House. More of the business part net than a romantic one ELLENA was worried about keeping up appearances and showing strength think especially as World War. Two raged and America was on the verge of entering the fray. She was afraid that the adorable Scotty might like give off the wrong image but the president insisted and eleanor relented. Big Boy became part of the first family. FDR loved everything about big boy except the name big boy was not. Don't a presidential Monica given his own. Scottish Heritage Roosevelt decided to name the dog after distant relative. Big Boys New name name would be married. The outlaw of follow hill which was quite a mouthful to say every time he needed cool for the dog so they shortened it to fallow the newly christened puppy and the newly re christened president quickly became Powell's every morning and the White House. FDR would ring his service bell three times for his breakfast. His order was consistent eggs and toast with ham or Bacon delivered to his room. But it wasn't only for him. It was breakfast for two whatever. FDR didn't eat Falah. Faleh would gladly finish follow. Didn't have to rely on scraps from FDR's plate though the kitchen stuff was so smitten with the terrier that they sent him a bone on a silver platter. Every morning and it wasn't just the kitchen stuff that fell for Fowler. All of the White House did. FDR's cousin Margaret Taught Fowler plenty of tricks and everyone loves to see the dog perform. There were the standard ones. Sit Rollover stand but there was one unusual trick that would delight. Everyone who met fallow Margaret taught Falah how to smile with his pearly whites flashing and pink tongue lolling Falah could melt anyone's heart and whether he was wondering the walls of the White House or Interrupting Meeting Meeting in the Oval Office Falah and his big smile loved being the center of attention a Time magazine. Zien photographer noted that whenever the president sat for a photograph Falah would Russian and join his master. Striking oppose by the president's side Fowler. Got More face time with the president than any of his friends advises all Cabinet members anytime there was an official meeting Fallah Saleh was there as well. FDR practiced what historian. Warren Kimball called creative procrastination. He was always trying to downplay dramatic events. If the problem was met with confrontational panic. It only made things worse instead of getting mad. The President Favored de escalation tactics to keep a room. COM Fallah's constant presence made that positive governing easy. He was a welcome distraction anytime. FDR needed to lighten the mood with Falla in his corner. The president no longer had to rely on his quick wit all Aquarius nurse to refocus a conversation. He had weaponized cuteness at his disposal. That's not to say that. FDR Only light having fowler around because he was a useful political tool the president took great joy in making others happy and loved how much -Joy Fowler brought people and with tragedy about to strike. The American people would need all the joy fowler could give coming up foul goes international as America Enters World War Two. I'm Doug Tales disappointed by better help online counseling whether it's a loose soft wiggly body a wagging ragging tail or rolling on its back belly. rubs dogs have an amazing ability to signal to us. When they're happy they don't fake it? People are another story story sometimes. 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FDR's cousin Margaret Gave Falah to him as a congratulatory present in the fall. One thousand nine hundred forty. It didn't take little Scottish terrier long to win over the entire White House. Fowler was well aware of his favorites status and exploited it every chance he got he constantly roamed the halls of the west wing looking for a mock an unsuspecting secretary or a garden in an empty hallway. It didn't matter who as long as they had food Falah would prance up. PLOP himself down right in front of his new friend friend at begin his routine I the park just to draw the eye often that was enough to earn a treat. But if that didn't work he had all those tricks. Margaret taught him back. In New York sit roll over stand and of course the closer smiling Fowler became so adept at winning troops from the White House staff that he puts on a few pounds. The Little Scotty was getting well not not so little anymore. In one thousand nine hundred forty one fowler began to eat so much so often that he got sick while FDR understood stood the irresistibility of Falah. He couldn't have his little buddy falling ill so made the tough coal and lay down new ground rules for stuff off no more feeding Falah and a new rule for no more wandering around alone. The president decided to keep deep follow with him no matter way he went if follow was as popular outside. The White House is in it. FDR would never have to be without his best friend. The president was keen on sneaking out afternoon drives around Washington. DC In his Ford convertible Falah became a feature on his circuits. The first dog would get smiles and waves from everyone. The spotted them. FDR Auto delighted in the attention. That Little Scotty received Saleh's travels soon expanded beyond the simple writes in the Ford. He started accompanying the president on fishing trips to Florida and his retreats to the Little White House in Warm Springs Georgia that the president found relief from his polio. By swimming. And the results pool and lounging in the hot springs from which the town drew its name and while the pools healed FDR buddy fowler healed the president's so that tight bond quickly became closer than any of FDR human connections the nation took I notice as beloved as FDR was the pup as FDR would often refer to him was even more popular as fallow spent more time in public by FDR side lettuce specifically addressed to the pup poured in from all across the country at one point Fowler received more mail than the president. The demand for Fallon's attention became so great that the pub- even had his own secretary to sort through it all for him fowler. The humble femme dog had become an American sensation and the president would would need that fame to help calm an incredibly tense nation by early nineteen forty one world war two was consuming consuming much of Europe. While some Americans wanted to join the fight many others wanted to avoid the conflict justice fowler had calm tensions in the Oval Office he was bringing a calming presence to the American people..

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