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Of the fbi and the justice department have politicized the process in favor of democrats and against republicans so republicans can't have this both ways i you know i you mentioned the word confusing and i think for anyone nuts closely following this story it can be confusing i thought around the election the the accusation was that the fbi was supposed to be biased against clinton and that may have cost her the election yes uh this is very confusing don't forget in may the white house said the official reason for firing jim colmey was that he had been unfair to hillary clinton so i guess what they're trying to say is during the campaign the fbi was biased against clinton and then after the campaign they turned around and became biased against donald trump doesn't make a lot of sense npr political correspondent mara liasson who does make a lot of sense thank you so much thank you and the memo isn't the only thing republicans are using to try and prove bias against the president they also point to text messages between two fbi employees having an affair the text described the possibility of trump becoming president as quote terrifying one of those fbi workers later joined muller's investigation team late last month the techs some texts were recovered and dell quentin wilbur of the wall street journal red through them a warning to listeners there some coarse language ahead mr will welcome to the program tremblay all right set this up for us they were text messages between fbi agent peter struck and lisa page an fbi lawyer on there's been various batches of these text messages ataka's through what we know about this it's really of drink so peter struck was the top agent on hillary clinton's investigation of her email server he was also probably one of the best counterintelligence agents according to people who know him in the fbi and he had been promoted to be like a deputy assistant director in that way after the clinton investigation is done member it ended in july of 2016 ended with an investigation into her email her private emails server etc guess then he starts the.

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