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And I'm Bill Doyle. Just in theory. I'm not saying I'm gonna do it. Just in theory, Yes. If one were to buy a power washer like a professional. Do your entire house kind of industrial power washer right and shove it up their nose. Would that kill them? Power washing your Sinuses kill you. I'm talking like highest setting. Will that kill you? How'd you have the one set like streamers? Spray? Ah, probably stream Not a good idea. Let me tell you that I don't think it would end. Well, if it would actually kill you, But it would do some damage. Okay? All right, And I sold my power washer so I can help you out anyway. Turning into Felix Unger for Yes, for you for younger people for younger people who don't know there's this whole thing called the odd couple. It was once a movie really, even before our time, And then when we were kids there were there's a TV show. Hey, I'm sure you've heard of it. Then it was on Broadway later. But yeah, I I'm turning until like Felix Unger, Sinus guy for like the last 2.5 weeks. He used to make this honking sound when it's time to, uh, tell you clear your Sinuses when blow his nose. Just make that noise, right? Exactly. Yeah, that's what that's what I'm slowly turning into. Anyway, Your phone number is 1 802 831 Oh 1.5. Oh, I saw something that I don't think that this is necessary at all. Uh, there are. There are some lawmakers that are advancing legislation that would tell the attorney general that he has to notify Chiefs of police. Across the state. That that they are allowed to set up safe exchange zones for Craigslist type of thing I've heard of those right many. Many police departments have already done this on their own. They either set up a little thing in their parking lot, and they have sign Ege, and it explains that everything is being monitored and recorded by video camera. Some will actually allow you to come right into their lobby. Right in front of the desk Sergeant, and they don't get involved in the transaction. But if something goes down if you've got if you've got a creep, if you got a con man than then it would all be recorded or there will be a witness. Because these things have happened. These things have gone sideways. Sometimes. Sometimes people use these and I'm just going to often use the word Craigslist. But there's so many of these now these online marketplaces. But I'm just going to use that kind of like a catch all but these Craigslist situations Sometimes they have been used just to set people up. You know, because they know There is there is either going to be a brand new iPhone on the person PS five or right or there's going to be, you know the equivalent of money on the person, depending which way they're pretending to do the transaction. And things get ugly. But we really need do we really need lawmakers to get involved? Couldn't one lawmaker just call up Gerbier Gray wall and say, Hey, you know, it would be a good idea. Could you just, like, send out like a mass email? I'm sure you've got like all the police chiefs. Of course, right? Can you just do that? This is how government works. I'm not saying it's a terrible idea, but number one. Probably every police chief out there knows that they conduce this because guess what they read newspapers, too. You know, and I talked to their colleagues in other towns were doing it right. That is probably very few and far between that does not know that they're allowed to do this. But number two if they just want to be sure the does this have to be like, Okay, let's put it through a committee. Now. Let's put it through a full vote. Now let's kick it over to the Senate side is can they put it on their resume? If they don't get an official bill, right, exactly like, how about just say Hey, good beer. Hey, I just haven't idea of that. I've just noodling. Maybe you want to tell these guys just in case they don't know. And I wouldn't even be surprised if the answer would have been. Oh, you already did. Oh, I'm sorry. Like, I wonder. Did they even check that? That didn't already happen? Good question. Or did they just blindly go ahead and start drafting legislation? But anyway, the subject came up about these marketplaces about these online sales transactions where you meet up somewhere. Has anybody ever had any suspicion? Do you ever feel like you were maybe getting set up? Like like a creeper, a crook or a con man was maybe behind this. And maybe you didn't even go through with the meeting. Or if you did, did you actually make sure that you had it in a very safe place a public place. Mall. Even a, You know, one of these safe exchange places in a police parking lot. What kind of stories are out there? And I'm not saying that we're gonna get like full blown. Oh, yeah. He pulled a knife out. I'm just saying, like, even in the email, Did you ever like have your antenna go up and think this doesn't sound right? I'm just going to pass on this one. Even if you never did meet them. But did you ever get suspicious of one of these? Like Craigslist type of situations? 1 802 831. Oh one point. There was a story last year about the kid who had the PS four. And got assaulted. Didn't end well for him at all. Just trying to get make a few extra bucks. You know, there are all sorts of nasty people out there. I mean, you could be something as innocuous as well. It was a brick instead of an iPhone once I got home and unwrapped it. But yes, some people are up to real various ends. Yeah. So who's got a story? And are you totally comfortable doing these things? Or did it always work? Well, I mean, I'm sure there's probably it. I'm sure it works. Well, 99.9% of the time so popular, right? I'm sure Usually, most people are good. You don't have to worry about anything. But did you ever just start to get like a little creepy vibe about any of these 1 802 831? Oh, 1.5. There was a story. I should have looked this up, actually, but it was definitely a New Jersey story and it was about a guy that ended up getting mugged. I want to say it was for an iPhone. And it was like a Craig's like Craig's list like thing where they wanted to meet somewhere they were going to either sell the guy an iPhone or buy an iPhone off of him. One of the other I can't remember which But the meeting place was what was really weird. This guy Agreed with.

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