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But not least. Mikey fowler. No instagram posts august. Second mike worshipping my. We're skipping my intro. Rate to the premier league review promised to get a little gun. Shy i am i am. I'm rattled okay. All right Well let's get to the good stuff but first before we get into it. You know knee deep. I wanna say thank you first of all to four guys who i'm looking at right now. It also everybody. Who's listening right now. Because listen i mean this. Podcast is It wouldn't be anything without he. And i really do appreciate guys you know spending time weekend. We got rare here for the money. This is for the loveless fort in in your loved primarily so big. Thanks to all you guys and everybody listening as well figured we'd start the season off on a positive note before we start talking shit about each other and our teams so that's my attempt at positive we allow. We allow the boo. Yes starting now star art good. Start right off of that Now before we actually get into the Bill we gotta do a little messy talk here because win the closest thing to a living god that i have ever seen leaves the only club. He has ever played at as a professional and heads to p g. It's not something we can simply ignore. So let's have a quick conversation about i'll give you my two takeaways And then i got some questions for you guys number one holy shit at barcelona's true this situation up. It is unbelievable bad. They have handled this and not just like right now in the last five years like they've just if you look at their financial situation right now it is so bad that if they signed earth messy had said you know what. I'm gonna play this season for free. You guys don't even have to pay me. They still wouldn't be within the rules of la liga's financial fair play like restriction so it's just unbelievable where they're at right now with their recruitment and obviously it's sort of speaks to the mistakes. They've made In quickly it still in barcelona. It really feels like we're witnessing you know. Sort of a end of the road of their Dominance in a certain respect to release the series shift in the empower and. I don't know if that's going towards that. Let it go when real madrid. Or if it's actually going overseas over at least the onc- tua pl i don't know we'll see that's obviously a longer term question But secondly good for bus. Gino he dealt with tottenham bullshit for so many years and he did right for the club in by the club. So i'm actually happy for him that he gets to coach this super team. Mikey i feel like you have. Are you going to apologize to me for following legal for these years. Now know you are. You're in the right spot right now. Yeah i in fact. I saw the. I put on instagram. This tweet that league own did on on twitter about Yeah farmers league got its goat leaning into their. I love those well. Done league admits okay. So now two questions number one msn versus m m so messy suarez. Name are back in the day for Barsha or messi neymar imbaba. Now which trio is better. Can we accurately answer that. I have seen though both. yes absolutely. can this will. It's the first one. It's the i was and even count out suarez. This movement is far superior to what about based movement is i mean. He's an older player when when asked was there a he was a fully complete top. You're being striker in about base. Getting there so i think the movements very key around messy because he doesn't and mess also talking about five six years messy so i don't think it's even gonna be close. Larry your thoughts. I i agree with be great. Canes me angry and you you do know that this podcast. Today is the most wrong show of the year. Also whatever we mean this d- what this is. What is a full of nothing but prediction so whatever we say. Today i'm blessed. I'm blessing constantino by saying this. Interestingly i put it up on instagram vote in it was fifty. Six percent of people said m m rather than msn because their children recency bias in be everybody on instagram stupid. That's all i give for the room. When he correct correct they don't they. Don't get drunk and put on. Msn highlights to this day in the east village apartment. Like i do. I watch it all the time. Oh i completely believe monkey Second question who is. Ps g get knocked out of champions league season. Now fuck outta here where that comes from. I would say i would say nobody. There's only one of us by. Yeah this is this question's for larry. Yeah there there's only one of ball. Yup i in the last time. You will remind that i'm done. I don't. i'm not even gonna watch champions league. This year it's going to tech larry bothered for takes. What is gonna bother me about your openly. No aren't you in the conference league. That's at the league. Said like reminding ourselves here of like the sadness the teams who finished third in their group. And you're beleaguer gonna join your competition. Wish harry radna. Redknapp was here. Just look dropout. Its first go round until you can't tell you how glad i am. We're not in that. Nabi a yeah. It was fun it was fun to make fun of you for finishing above you but now we actually have to deal with the repercussions. It's heaven play this. You'd be flying baku on a thursday night. Looks pretty after watching some big. You're right actually. Just what this tunnel team needs. More games all right. Let's do it without further. Do time for the twenty twenty one twenty. Two sam's army official primarily preview so quick Gotta love the excitement in Patient that we are all experiencing right now. We are all tied for first place. Arsenal are actually on top of the table for a couple more days. Thanks to the alphabet we all dream about being the next leicester city mir who even tottenham and arsenal before..

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