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Base Etcheverry gets the is being way. Tom Bryant throws played Rizzo cuts it off. I taught second McNeil is out at second, but it gives the mix the lead Tanny scores on McNeil's are. Single and expi- four and favor of the Mets. Najat McNeil's hurt on WCBS got the go-ahead hit in a five four win over the cubs. He also hit a two run a home run in that game on the heels of their win over Sweden, the US women have advanced to the group f a winner to the round of sixteen at the World Cup for Spain is up next. The Americans broke the women's World Cup record for most goals in a group stage with eighteen they carry a thirteen game World Cup unbeaten streak into Monday's match up. But Julie Phally Foudy on golick and wingo says, don't look past the next opponent danger. Of course, is every player on this team knows for the US is that you look over this round of sixteen game because Spain honestly is a very good team. US played them in January earlier this year in Spain, we actually call that game in dark myself. And for the first thirty minutes, the United States did not touch the ball, Ian, and I looked at each other in the booth, we were like, oh this. It could be a long game and then they got their feet and then they got a little bit more of the ball but they ended up only beating Spain one nil in Spain. And it could have gone either way in that January match up. So they know it's very dangerous game. Of course, to be looking ahead to France. Jill Ellis, even said in the press conference before the Sweden game when all the reporters were asking about the possible France matchup. She said, hey, by the way, we do have a round of sixteen game as well. Guys, don't forget that. So they're not forgetting that Moore and be a on the way. Coli has a decision to make does winning title in Toronto. Give the raptors edge. That's next. This sportscenter allnight on ESPN radio. Players on the market. Kevin durant. Kobe Leonard Kemba Walker, Harry urban. I have no idea..

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