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NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD Three oh eight grand. Prairie eastbound I the Bush turnpike there is a new accident the three left lanes are blocked off. And that's causing a heavy backup into Arlington from Matlab westbound you've got some onlooker delays as well that stretch back to mountain creek Parkway in Irving rebound looted Walton Walker at one eighty three that accident still there in the right lane with a it to urban boulevard in north Dallas up around seventy five before four is that accident finally cleared away southbound I thirty five at regal row that roadwork is also picking up, traffic still a bit stop and. Go from northwest highway down Dallas westbound Woodall Rodgers to northbound I thirty five e that right lane is blocked off for roadwork and that is causing delays. Along westbound Woodall and southbound seventy, five from fitzhugh lake worth do you have a major. Crash both directions of Wesley bay twenty year Las Vegas trail there's an overturned vehicle and the left lane is taken away the the southbound delays Archie you are Right over the bridge to Quebec street the northbound side actually as the two left lanes taken away and those delays stretch back to white settlement wrote in Fort Worth more than I thirty five w at north Tarrant Parkway there's road work in the left tech breasts lane and so that is slowing the main lanes from two eighty seven Kennedy on the eastbound twenty service, road before Bowman spring accident in. The left lane in Arlington southbound three sixty before park row in the right lane so she down from Brown boulevard you're also going to hit a big. Roadwork delay through Anna southbound seventy, five before foster crossing that right lanes blocked with the. Backup beyond four fifty five chase your next report at three eighteen and breaking.

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