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They draft taekwon Thornton. We know he's a lock as a second round pick, a trade for devonta Parker. We know he's a lot just because of investment, right? Third round pick invested in all that kind of stuff. So Nelson Aguilar, you talked me off of having him as a true lock here. Because it isn't. You know, they could trade him. They could move on from him at the end of training camp of taekwon Thornton has a good camp, but I actually like the optics of having Thornton and agloe on the roster at the same time. And I'll tell you why in a second, but I want to hear your take on what else had to say today and what his future outlook is with the Patriots obviously only under contract for more years. So it's just going to be this year most likely no matter what. Yeah, I mean, I like having those two speed guys, I think they kind of do different things on the fields. I also think dort and still relatively raw, right? The reason I don't think Aguilar is a lock is because of Thornton comes out and just blows up and camp and blows up in the preseason. Then it's clear who the odd man out there is, right? I think if that's not the case, Thornton sort of becomes the odd man out to start the season and maybe they put him more into the fold as the season goes on. So I think roster Locke, like here's our judge roster lock and you're gonna roll your eyes at this, but it's true. If somebody came up to me and said, should I buy this player's Jersey today? Right? If the answer is not yes, the player's not a roster lock in terms of like investment. If somebody was like, should I buy a Nell snaggle or Jersey today? I'd be like, eh, maybe wait till the end of camp, right? So I think there's a very, very, very, very, very, very, very good chance he makes the team. I was a huge fan of everything he said today. I think he's got the right mindset for his situation, which it would be very easy for a guy like him to kind of check out right now. And he's clearly doing that instead, if anything, he's taking more of a leadership role. He talked about the opportunities that come with year two. I'm actually wrote a recap of what he said on 98 by the sports of dot com. You can go check that out, but I don't think by definition he's not a roster lock, although I think there's a very good chance he makes the team. Yeah, I think the fun thing about it with having him on the roster is they had cooks and Philip Dorsett in 2017 on the team together. But other than that, since then, I would say that they could have two guys in Thornton and Aguilar who can stretch a field vertically as well as both those guys can, right? They usually have had one guy in that role. It's been a while since they've had two guys that can stretch the field like that. You start thinking about the idea of putting 11 personnel out there with Kendrick Bourne or Jacoby Myers inside the tight end, hunter Henry of the seam and all over the middle of the field, the running back out of the backfield. And those two guys stretching the field and getting vertical, that's a pretty good amount of speed on the field. I don't know if the Patriots have had that kind of speed in a long time, probably since that 2017 season, you also throw in there and you can put PR strong on the field with them too as a pass catching back..

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