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Iraq's prime minister announced today in operation to retake tall offer from the islamic state is underway the bbc's rami were high yom reports it's one of the last pockets of isis held territory in iraq the iraqi prime minister hide the lab buddy said isis fighters had no choice but to surrender or die we sold is being carried out by the iraqi army and predominantly shiite factions known as the popular mobilization units the iraqi army says there are on two thousand isis fighters in the city this is npr a leader of the philippines roman catholic church is ordering bells to be told every night for three months in his northern religious district to raise alarm over the police crackdown on drugs it's left more than eight suspects dead in a week a court in south africa says a rhinocerous breeder has the legal right to sell some of his stockpiled horns from pretoria peter graenitz reports the breeder plans to begin auctioning them off online tomorrow john hume owns more rhinos than any other person in the world he cuts the horns off his animals and they grow back warn is made of care to inches acumen fingernails earlier this year a south african court suspended the local ban on selling rhino horn it remains illegal to sell rhino horn internationally on sunday the high court in pretoria ruled that hugh is legally allowed to sell up to two hundred sixty four horns his auction is scheduled to begin online monday but the buyers also need permits before any transaction occurs no buyers permits were granted wow hume sued for the right to sell it it's unclear anybody will win the permits before the auction is scheduled to begin for npr news i'm peter ran it's in pretoria.

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