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Was ahead because i remember thinking oh at least peres will have one which will be cool right and i think this is. Why red bull was lobbying massey to do a red flag so that he could come in and change his tires to new ones to defend from hamilton ma. Hamilton also got the changes from wing which is interesting because of course sorry. Yeah you're because you're allowed to do that type of stuff during a red flag there. I touched the cars at were. It's not in park fermi right but you could see if say you could see team not wanting the red flag to happened because if bunches the field back up again and allows cars behind them to do things like change. I think was probably not scenario. Because he was kind of he was waiting to be enough or some anyone who who had a gap and there were plenty of gops. Because it's it's a fairly long circus as we talked about. Beforehand do tend to guess blue flag shenanigans happening or less often. I guess so. I'm sure there were people yet. Didn't wanna get bunched up that way. Also you know i. it's not you know. Calling and safety are calling a red flag. Innov- itself isn't more or less dangerous but if repercussion is that under safety car you know. They're probably not finishing the race because the three or four laps. When the crash happened rise it took a while to to get the red flag at whereas stunning star is almost starting starch. Would everyone bunched up with no time to overtake is about as much of a dead on situation for there to be contact between cars is you can basically imagine so. Yeah you're right decision. Not only it's not like this was an nurse decision. This decision actually does create the opportunity for more crashes. So right that's maybe why sits little funding on the stomach. Yeah i think my my main concern though is that it is ambiguous at this point. Like okay completely at the shit. Ideally this would be a computer making this decision right. Which i think is kind of the opinion of one jacques villeneuve who is a pretty outspoken canadian former f. One driver who won the championship in nineteen ninety-seven and he's quoted in this race fans article saying quote about this ultimately with the restart at the end. There's an issue with that red flag because it's random teams will complain that oh you help that team that one time but not us the other so i think there has to be fixed rule if you want to give a red flag at the end of the race than it should be in the rules. That if it's under caution with three laps to go there will be a red flag so it's not one race yes one race no that way. It's always the same and there's no bickering afterwards. What do you think of that. I mean i don't not agree with him. The the issue the only. It's very weird because we definitely have a sort of a lot of understanding f. one and sort of following along with the ethos of f one is to be very engaged with your pragmatic brain with the idea that things are orderly and that we understand things because there's a lot of different complex systems happening at one time. It's like if everyone. I guess what is a video game but like if f on as a system which you're interacting with is really complicated and it's only through finding patterns like the way humans understand complicated things is that we sort of break things down. It's really easy to understand patterns. And that's what the experience i think of of watching f one is is that you have sort of shorthand in your hand for all of this happens then that happens because actually what's going on is really complicated so i think you're right when when things like this happen. The immediate reaction is what. I don't like that. Because that's that's really i'm bigger and that's that's a that's human know that's that's coming from a different place or that's something that i can't anticipate so from a strategy perspective. Obviously it's completely you know you can't you can't if you don't know where the conclusion is. If you know what is going to be created by instance then you can strategize against especially especially if the two are so different. Tries to safety car or the the the race ending. Or we're gonna we're gonna go again to raise two laps. It's like impossible to plan rice either. Or so i don't disagree. On a fundamental pragmatic level however did was the best part of the race. The final two laps yes would end is ending race under safety car. The most boring thing that ever happens in f one absolutely and you know what are what are we doing here. We're here to be entertained. We're here to to enjoy people racing. So i i'm with you. I think i think it's you know i prefer the latter i liked. Daddy called the red flag if there had been a horrific crash for instance. Maybe we'd be having a different conversation around us which i guess is another separate conversation bus. I can understand that. At least it would be nice to have some clarity over bush. If i've completely honest. I think will totally forget at the end of this race. This instance was kind of rare and probably won't happen again and i. I don't see a scenario where they pick a red flag over safety car any other time in a race so i don't i think this is very much a oh. It's the last two laps holds everything So i'm not overly worried about it but i but i don't disagree with jackie. I'm not going to disagree with the you. Know jack fucking vm. Of he knows more about one more about optima online. Than i do way. Is he a big ultimate lifetime. Oh yeah. I think that was the game like he. He had to like get internet into his motor home while he was driving so that he could play mo my gods. I'm not surprised he was always like a wacky figure. You know the white hair and oh yeah you know. He didn't need to be. I mean his father's f. One royalty so yeah. Speaking of that. Show a move onto williams. Yeah.

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