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Located in the bottom floor of the Lucerne building in downtown lake worth near the intercoastal. Stop by and see them today. From the Anna Jaren Levin studios. Anna join LeVine accident attorney skull one eight hundred seven four seven free. That's one eight hundred seven four seven three seven three three. All right. Mark Levin camp show on Jamie Markley that's David van camp. You don't want Friday. We do the Friday five. It's our countdown. Yeah. A lot of times involves music had to scrap the Jeff Bezos inspired countdown going to do something completely different more on that in a minute. Top-five Richards of all time, we did do greatest bald men of all time. That's in the past. It's been a few years. I would he be on the list? I would he be an honorable mention. He's the richest guy only be well, and and Amazon has definitely changed the way we do things. I think you would probably be in the top five. Yes. I suppose. How do you define greatest? You go down a couple of notches. If you have the Richard picks out there. I don't know are we'd have to make up special rules for that whole thing. I did see this little study. And I thought it was really interesting, especially the way my kids. Listen to music, and you're a millennial obviously, David. Millennials in general. Don't prefer today's music to what they call the golden era of pop music, which would be between say nine nineteen sixty one thousand nine hundred ninety nine okay. The lead researcher. This piece said that time in music sixties to the nineties was very special reflected by steady recognition of pieces of that area. Even by today's millennials. And that one of the reasons is because the music of today a lot of times sounds very similar to one another. There's not much distinct. I'm not saying that that's what the research were saying, I think that's pretty much true for pop music. There's there there are few that are would I would consider exceptions. But for the most part when I opened up I tunes, and I see what's new today. And I go to the pot category. It all kinds of sounds interchangeable. Right. But whenever I say that to my kids, they do to me what I would have done to my parents saying you're just old. You don't get it. You just don't get it. And maybe that's true. Maybe my generation maybe the millennial generation though was caught in a weird time between the current phase that music in and. The era that you talked about the sixties through the nineties where it's more melodic and anyway, less electron, obviously. Is it possible? It was more fun lighter. Probably is it. I don't know if you could say it's light in the nineties pop music, pop rock, the grunge stuff. But that's really interesting. There were over six hundred participants in the study between the ages of eighteen and twenty five and it was just all these short clips from past number one hits. And it was it was the older stuff that really resonated with them. Which is why we decided to do the countdown. We're going to do today. Uh-huh. What are the greatest one hit wonders of the eighties? We did the nineties before we did the nineties just a few months ago and the eighties is a Dongting list because this thing could easily be about five pages. I don't know if there could you say there's an era or there's a decade that had more one hit wonders in the nineteen eighties. Maybe the nineteen fifties. Because there's a little bit different. Just the way that music was produced in all that was a little bit different. But or distributed I should say at the top of my head. I would say the seventies. Because there were ton ton from the seventies. But you know, putting together this list, the one thing I noticed even the songs that I didn't like the time. Is so fun to hear now. It really is not everyone. But a lot that. I didn't like then I'm like, oh, that's fun to hear. I don't know. If I want to hear it every day as far as tested time is concerned. I mean, a lot of a lot of those songs I knew growing up. Yes. Only alive for the last three years of the eighties. Yeah. I know you say that a lot. I wish you wouldn't so much. You did we can relieve your glory days. That's okay. Well, the thing is you know, I didn't get into rock radio until nineteen eighty eight. So I was just growing up during this time, and you know, our pal Scott routed to be in here. Just a few was top forty DJ all through the eighties. So he played every single one of the songs that will be on the countdown today. So if you think in one hit wonders the eighties. What would be in that top five numbers one eight eight eight eight zero six four NBC one eight eight eight eight oh, six four NBC the other thing. It'll be interesting about this is how many artists that to. You might be a one hit wonder and to me, it's like all no there were other songs. Besides this particular one. I think there were there are already I think in the pre show talk about this maybe three or four of those already. Yeah..

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