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It's appointing a cabinet member negotiating a treaty or signing an executive order. I will always uphold America's values Multan saying he wants to tackle climate change gun control and national security issues that for many issues molten cosponsored the green new deal and says healthcare is a right for every American. He's also called for the abolishment of the electoral college, Chris original House, Democrats, hold the conference. Call today to talk about the special counsel report on Russian election meddling and President Trump and whether he should be impeached over evidence of obstruction of Justice. Some key Democrats say impeachment is not all the table. But right now, they say more information is needed. They wanna hear from central counsel, Robert Muller and attorney general Bill bar next month, and they want to get. Access to the unredacted report. And all of the underlying documents. They subpoenaed for access to that boxes. Ellison Barbara in Washington, a New Mexico man accused of detaining immigrants at the border with an arm. Alicia group is due in federal court today. Larry Mitchell Hopkins sixty nine years old is accused of illegally possessing a firearm a convicted felon videos posted earlier in the week show. Members of the group dressed in military style outfits armed with guns, and he can see them at times ordering migrant families to sit on the ground where they've been called the real border patrol on Friday. Federal authorities warn private groups like this to stop policing the border. But the group's group insists if playing a vital role. Fox's Jeff Paul thirty nine foreign tourists, including several Americans report it to be among the at least two hundred ninety people killed in yesterday's attacks on churches and hotels in Sri Lanka, the government. There is imposed.

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