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For me. I don't know this. I know I know my worth like. I have been a mess with mine for like six months now. Oh. No RV who Harvey air. Now. My share Harvey Billabona now. You might. This. Curry is worse because he's a pound for pound support. On your up. I don't care about the endless say I'm gonna give you my loyalty as TV host. But like the truth is true. You just got on camera today. You can't claim he side. Now Boorda wars is taking place in June. You are AJ's coming. I just don't know. Why don't you come? If listen, you know, I meant to be inside if I can cancel that our on. I have no. Into of these US coolers, these guys cool in and they talk, but we never do is talk. Your for your for all people, you're all people in the chance to Portland main and let him come over to the US as. The. Go. If y'all want him come over and get this RV. I I can I can I can do AJ AJ I can happily come to your backyard. How much do you weigh? You do look a little like you were. Bit. So I hope the oldies guys cooling in you know, I hope you guys are bench. And I hope you're working up to. Must while in our one hundred and three K G. You're your. Artery. While Mario does stone stone sixteen fucker how that's six three. Oh, that's like train. Like. I'm twenty. Gosh that's perfect because our visa heavyweight already a big money matter of settling it and getting it done, and we'll get to that. But all right. So we got two crucial. He's busy. We're gonna go to Mike on a UK talk to me. What's going on? Michael guys going of come come on the legs. I know waving talking about some talk about the headline is by espionage and Betty Hon far as I said is that. Did you call him Betty her? Now, Eddie Hon said Betty. You know, how I is Eddie, HUD, is saying that Stephen has been there is drought lion. And he wants to see proof. So basically, if if was the Espinoza doesn't show proof then as far as I'm concerned, he's lying because in the FDA has not really out of the head and say someone saying blatantly lie before he's normally trying to dodge we've, but he's saying, he's straight outlying. He checked everybody send the Email showed the proof. You know? So and the day has asked also the coal yesterday. The proof now go permission show the Email evidence. So that's my my take on it. Yes. Carry on good show. And also, the U K don't Americans, the hustle you. You know what I mean? Kicki stand your ground represents represent right? They love in the car. Now, man he wanted to Tyson fury to come and say he'll fake. Let's. They wanted a UK. Gotta look like a con and not look like some of the other UK that we had on. Reading. What was that mean? I'll just saying they wanted like that dude that could that could talk that shit and. So you're saying they RAFI don't look the part. I. Ravi. Don't look the part party that we go to mo- mow it up with going on. What up? No, you the man. I just wanted to say that she was talking about the contract. And how unethically was this is this is said, I never used the term contract. He tried to come out of the contract. He said he said is on ethical. Let me say the contract was at loose words. I'm probably out just folks and. Is business. It's not personal. It'd be on Muhammad says and also bar you. Are you a boxing fan, or are you a lawyer and accountant, and like why why do you care about business? But you were saying, oh, this will you went into you went into that saying it's unethical..

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