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Casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law and of the fifty thousand people. Tie ball game. Play against the dodgers. All you gotta do. But off a mike marshall who was a relief pitcher of the year the year before he dated. That girl that was in the bangles are are what what was that girl. That singer I can't think she was. I think it was the bengals from one of those groups. Anyway sorry i. I had a no net. I've tried to remember named brenda. Somebody carlisle brinda. Yeah yeah really cute. Yeah yeah so anyway. So i get up. I ended up and he says now button to first base because he said if you bought the first chances are steve. Garvey was planted time. Eight ballplayer said. Steve probably won't throw to second. I don't know if his arm was bothering more. So i get the sacrifice. I think pete walk and we get a base hit. We win the game two to one and probably the most important bad. I hadn't all of the big leagues. Because if i don't but it then sparky probably sends me back down to triple a ball. 'cause that was going to be what i would have to be doing most of the year we do a whole show on how to put down a bond. I mean i it really could or you watch league game. You can see how not to put down button. They don't know how to but they don't do it much anymore. And i never understood that as a pitcher when you can help yourself. Why not be able to bunt the ball. And and you know so. I i don't know but it's it's a different game but man in the seventies when i look back at the guys i played against and played with. I mean what a blast. Let's talk about the world series and then we're going to okay you get into you get with the red your with you guys go the world series and you win it to two years in a row. Yeah the the the first year there was so much pressure on the big red machine to win. 'cause in seventy got beat by baltimore seventy two that got beat by oakland. Seventy-three got beat by the mets and the playoffs. Seventy four. they disappeared seventy five now. We actually were nineteen and twenty. Was our record. We went to montreal. We came back riverfront stadium and we were just a five hundred or a little bit below five hundred ballclub. We plan to mets. Tom seaver pitching. We ended up with an game. Eleven to four and win forty one out of the next fifty and that kind of we had a big lead. I think we won by twenty that year. We just had a huge lead. We just kept rolling. That was the west bacteria. then that was the west. Yeah we had to beat the dodgers if you beat the dodgers then you pretty much because they were always good so we go in the world series and now there's so much pressure because he's the best team like mickelson before he won the master's yes a best team to never win it with the big red machine. But they've been there but they just haven't win so now we end up car bernie carbo hits the three run homer in game six fisk hits the home run vs the red sox versus the red sox would go to game seven and i'll never forget. My locker was next to pete's and a rider says peach. Gotta be devastated man. This was it the big red machine. You had the game. Europe six to three. You know this is what's going to solidify. The big red machine is one of the greatest teams of all time. You just gotta be devastated and pizza. What are you crazy. He said tomorrow there's going to be millions of people watching. He said we'll be the only game in town and every kid has ever put on a uniform would love to be in a situation. Play out a seven game of world series. And i we're gonna be okay then but here's another thing i'm thinking to. My salary is sixteen thousand five hundred if we win the world series. We'll make another fourteen thousand thirty thousand dollars. This year makes much money's my mom. My dad does so sure enough. The next night we win the game and then the following year seventy six man. We just rolled because it was like the pressure's all off. Now let's just go play ball so we go out and we just we just rolled. That's unbeliev and then they start changing. They got rid of tony perez and a whole bunch of other was off at team and they just never wear the same. You had leadership in tony perez. Pete rose joe morgan johnny bench four guys that they teams. Don't even have one leader had four and you had you know spanish black and white. Yeah and so. It wasn't like there were any issues on that ball club. No but they made sure they were the smartest bunch of baseball guys. I've ever seen right. And they were winners will lose it too many of them by the way i you know i was the baby. I told her i was the baby on the big red machine. The baby turned seventy a couple of weeks ago so one day at a time. One day at a time you got friends. Who don't you up so you know what that's going to be the last. You only got two more birthdays. Two zero. I claim him this friends but they don't always claim me as doug one of the ways i have known you as been through the fellowship of christian athletes. I've heard you talk about your relationship with the lord. This is something we're not afraid to talk about on this radio show and we do. We do talk about those things. Tell me how that figured into your life in in the things that you did and when that became more real to you than before. I was baptized at age twelve. Because i grew up in a christian home. Mom and dad had a church every sunday wednesday night. Bible school everything and pretty much for my early years. I was going to church not realizing what it was like to have a personal relationship with christ so i started playing pro ball and I i remember going to bed. One night and prancing all right lord said. Here's the deal. I'm dating this young girl right now. We're gonna make a little deal in. And i need to know if this is a person that i need to marry because i'm ready to ask her and that's kind of the way i used to pray. Lord please hit a couple of hits today. And i'll go told you gave it. You know that kind of stuff. I was out there bargaining with god. And so. I wake up the next morning. It works short-term sometimes but it doesn't work. I am not endorsing this by the way. Yeah so i I wake up the next morning. There's a letter from my wife that it somehow been mailed. Two weeks ago they got hung up in the mail that shows up at the house that morning and it tells me how she feels about me so i got on the phone at night and i called and i propose to her on the phone. I was so bold. See us from new jersey and so we get married in one thousand nine hundred eighty two and it is a rough year while the same year i get traded texas. I have no idea. I was only there four months so they started a bible. Study out there for couples. Frank kanana jim sundberg and a bunch of really wonderful people So they start his bible study. My wife says we're going to his bible. Study go so we go the bible study. Is that in this one thousand nine hundred eight worth or something. Yeah nineteen eighty-two yeah and come home one day and i mean. It was rough. Because i used to come home after game. I had a bad game. I'd be me and my dog. We could talk about it and you know. Relax now. I gotta come home. I got hear a wife going. So how. Come eating any hits. Did you take any extra batting. practice will so and so got some. Here's well why does he get to do this. And i'm gonna get this ain't gonna work so she said One day i come home. She says we're going to pro athletes outreach christian conference where it's gonna be all pro baseball players and we go to that conference in nineteen eighty four. And there's kanana's alvin davis and brett butler and scott sanderson and all guys who just became dear friends in life. And that's when. I got there and hurt somebody get up and what. I realized that. I had all the hidden knowledge but i didn't have a relationship of christ and i didn't realize that i needed to make him the lord of my life in everything that we did on our marriage in my business or whatever i i had to console him i mean. That's what i ask people today..

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