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Right it's friday memorial day weekend that's going on it's one of those weird pods where so much is going to change over the next forty eight hours set almost don't even wanna record one but we this johnny knoxville coming up after this chris ryan is here for the ringer editorial director host one of the house the ringer nba show bizarre game last night yeah rackets took a three two lead but it somehow felt like a loss because chris paul definitely got hurt and we'll go up this morning saying he wasn't feeling good not good didn't seem great and i keep looking at that game and thinking like everything turned on that weird inadvertent whistle which i still don't understand it was definitely a travel i don't understand why they can't review that it was an awful call it was a huge call they get the ball back but that's when chris paul mrs then it comes back down and quinn cooked takes the three it takes a lot of shit the rest of that in the internet fairly and unfairly because to me it's like sometimes in these playoffs series like one moment is like a symptom of why this team should not win the shirt oh yeah and the worst have five guys that i trust nobody else on the roster and the reality is they win that game if you makes the three but he missed the three because he's quinn cook any missed the three because they had nobody else to put in that spot because they only have five guys because they have seven centers of the roster and all these other dudes in caspit in workout and they basically botched last summer livingston back they spent a lot of money dowa they weren't able to get any by guys why did philly get bella and bill at belen elliot's so calling belly sova smelly sova but like they didn't get anybody and that and that's what ends up to quinn cook shooting the biggest three of the game maybe the series maybe it's a little bit of huber's thing you can develop the guys yourselves and.

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