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And his day he had one hundred bat bats from players who played and they were thirty four thirty five ounces and uh you know that's the bat that was used in those days and then evans goria today picked out one of his bats four buster posey's today and ifp junior you were there we talked to a lung goria batted in but he say about the weight of a bat and what they look for today so they're looking for grains on a wooded bad misses typically in ashgabat he said you don't like to swing maple because it feels like swing in a poll if you sing ashgabat marty it's like you're you're getting a nice whip you're getting that banned that you're looking for as a baseball player and it creates more bats be when he do generate that wet he it more carry backspin all that stuff by he was looking for even grains and knots in a bat yeah it was kind of interesting but the point is what was the weight it was thirty one and a half ounces above that thirty one and a half ounces for lung goria and for posy uh to use their bats to get good bad speech oh yeah that's it changed over the years so we can do is showing that cava what's what's your could you have a favorite or something like that well yeah uh you know check burqa also was low at clubs announced ron wgam for a long time and he used this site thing equation wait times speeds where it equal force okay uh but also as kids growing up in all baths were expensive than was dr you would break a bat you would take that off navy put us ruina uh then there was willful baths difference between softball baths a metal bath so many different things over time at the and bring up a lot of discussion god the at the other suggestions for a show was son nicknamed football players silence in so many colorful nicknames over time uh a mini minoso suit case simpson's and uh people like that so when luminzu um.

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