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Eighty around how decision got made why it was announced the way it was some of those developers hey you know gaga over there we were a little nervous about where the st marketplace dance because if you're going to buy a video game on pc you know stephen gog or three you're largely yet and steam most of all the today's or yesterday's blog the ones listed here is a huge deal for people who play video games because even if you're not a pc gamer understand that the power and influence of the platform really does affect a lot of what ends up happening on consoles later on a lot of the independent titles that you play on consoles be their lives begin on steam or the regionally designed for steam i it's a place where i new ideas happening gaming more than anywhere else and so even you're like oh that's a pc thing this isn't just a pc thing and this statement by valve is huge for everybody who loves video games and that's why all right then here so defined story number five can you threw up that polygon article days on the chat freaking out like i forgot the day's gone release date we've section called new release dates everybody come your fucking dick stone or drive to your house in kick amine and if you say i don't have a penis i'm i i just don't have a penis i'll kick something else in and you won't like what it is all right ever fucking sit down in the fucking chat simmer down there's a lot of god damn news to get through that that's a very violent threat that's what people respond to.

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