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On drag queens. But what about drag kings? Why are they not given as much recognition on the conversation and with two women who perform as men using their costumes and characters to poke fun at stereotypes? They'll discuss the journey to the stage picking up this ona. The thrill of performance might drag is political. That's all after the news with me, Kim Jong UN ECE BBC News with Myron Alderson. President Biden is to visit the three sites where Islamist militants attacked the United States 20 years ago along the nearly 3000 people who died at New York's twin Towers, the Pentagon in Washington and Shanksville in Pennsylvania. He's in his anniversary message, Mr Biden said America's greatest strength was unity. A New York Times investigation has questioned the U. S military's account of its last airstrike in Afghanistan, the paper said. The driver hit by the strike worked for US aid group. The man's relatives said 10 civilians, including seven Children, died. The U. N Secretary General Antonio Guterres has urged donors to find a way to continue supporting Afghanistan despite the Taliban takeover many on our withholding funds, but Mr Guterres warned of a possible slide into poverty and economic meltdown. Israel says it's captured four of the six Palestinian militants who escaped from prison earlier this week. Violent protests erupted in the occupied West Bank on Friday night after Israeli police re arrested the first two. Hamas and Israel exchanged fire. Haiti's chief prosecutor has called in the Prime Minister Ariel Henry for questioning. About the assassination of President Juvenal Muise said Mr Angry must explain why he spoke to one of the main suspects in the killing hours after it happened. Australia's former prime minister Tony Abbott, has been fined $360 after he was pictured not wearing a mask in the Sydney suburb. Tough covid restrictions are enforced in New South Wales. Mr Abbott complained of what he called a health police state mindset. The world's top two men's tennis players. Novak Djokovic and Danielle Medvedev will contest the U. S Open final. If Djokovic wins Sunday's match, he'll become the first man in half a century to complete a calendar. Grand Slam BBC News This is the conversation the program with an all female perspective. I'm Kim, Czech Aneta. And each week I bring together two women from different parts of the world to talk about something they have in common. Drag has become mainstream. It's on TV in magazines, but there's one segment of drag that tends to be less exposed and perhaps under appreciated. Drag kings. Historically drag kings have been female performance artists who wear masculine clothing and personify male gender stereotypes. But that definition has become much more fluid to include non binary performance and even transmit Today. On the conversation, I'm joined by two drag kings from Latvia in Brazil to talk about community recognition and their journeys to the stage. Matra Morava is an artist and drag king from that fear who performs as Timmy. She also manages the Latvian drag king collective hosting and performing at live and online drag shows. Giovanna Lago is a drag king, who performs as Don Giovanni in Brazil as part of the Kings of the night collective. She has a real interest in the history of drag King and is also a burlesque performer. Welcome to you both. Hello now, like true true performers. You've come dressed up to the nines and had little sneak preview. And you both look incredible. So could you describe you Look to me, please. Starting with you, Governor. Okay. Um, I'm worrying us. Sort of my con Jackson inspired military jacket dragged up military jacket. So very rad. I have fake blood coming out of my nose. Because I like to look like I'm I just got away from a fight. I'm wearing also a blue beret. And is this typical of the sort of persona you put on stage? Yeah. I like to look kind of, um, a.

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