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I don't. I think on the media side of things, there are the right wing papers that definitely go after them for very strange reasons. And if he's come to that conclusion, it's kind of hard to argue with so, but my other first impressions from city aside from from sterling, like I mentioned, I thought what they can provide off the bench and even look. We all know that the Brian. Is going to go back into starting eleven once they deem him to be fully fit Jay's Zeus and Guera we don't. It's kind of a balancing act with how whatever pet is feeling any given week. It seems I would expect sunny to go back into the starting eleven, but I don't know if that's quite as much of a given. I think some of it will depend on, I guess, how Remar is. We'll continue to play who I thought was. Okay. I didn't think he was spectacular in this game, but he certainly fits into what city wants to do very clearly. It was. It was no problem too. I think you can expect this feels like notice respect to our sloboda felt like an extension of preseason for city in that they're waiting to get goes back in and I would expect heavy rotation definitely think about the competitions that they have to fight on the front staff to fight on. Well, the thing is Bernardo Silva last year, correct me if I'm wrong, but he, he started fewer than half believe appeared in in a bulk of the games as a sub. He did, but he only thinking less than half it was like eighteen. I think he's started nineteen games, mid. Okay. So was it half but like he's, he is a really good player and you saw it from him with the goal that he scored. He's a great distributor like you just wonder somebody's, it's a numbers game. Somebody's going to be caught out on this thing and. I don't know who it's, I don't know. It's a good problem for pep Guardiola to have, but it is a problem in terms of like, you don't want somebody who's informed then be put on the bench, and now you kinda lose them. I don't know he, he's going to have some difficult decisions to make throughout the course of the season, and you kind of got a taste of that in this first game. But yeah, let's go to arsenal now. I know you are, you're, you're brimming with thoughts and feelings. I take. The first thing is that it's, it's it's Emory's first game, and we spoke on the preview pods about. He talked about energy and pressing things like that will starting off from that game straight away. I don't think you can play ozone McAteer, Ian and same line. If you're going to do that. I think balmy Yang's isolated again, how can this keep happening? They're not getting the best out of him. I think lack at house. The start. I was surprised that can do. She started the game, although I'm not as higher and his critical of the nineteen year old as other people are what I was surprised. I would start Tarare and screen dot back line. Also the goalkeeper. So you want to play out from the back pragmatically speaking. Is this the game two to begin that process? I think you have to be horses for courses on in that sense. You don't do this against Manchester City. They are the best team winning the ball off in from teams in possession, pressing doing all that thing. Well, maybe Liverpool could argue that they're even better at it. But the point being this is not the site to do it. I would have gone much more simplistic. I think Petra checks kick oats, should've been all school down the field. I know are huge physically imposing team, but Obama and can compete Ramsey can compete, try and get Manchester City turned because you're not going to beat them at their own game. There's only one team beat them at their own game last season. And that was Liverpool second forty, five minutes in the Manchester derby. A site Liverpool were able to pressing the ball off them how many teams can actually do that. I just I didn't understand what he was doing and I want to be too critical because he's obviously trying to ease the team from from the vendor into his own era and an ideas take time to implement an I understand that starting Maitland Niles I know got injured..

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