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Out. Tiffany's not competing that leaves. Hannah aasa eliza and thailand And big and so if big wins or if elissa wins the h. Tiffany is in trouble. A big d wins the h. And then elissa wins the veto. Tiffany's going home if eliza wins the h. Tiffany's going home. Probably eliza currently intends to nominate tiffany and thailand. Her preference would be thailand but she doesn't have a strong preference which means x. Is going to tell her what to do And tiffany will likely go home. They're kyla and if he tries to win I don't know what he would do. I do not think he would allow tiffany to be vulnerable. I think he would probably try to send out. If a if elissa were to win the veto he may end up. Sending hannah out. That's possible as well. He may try to protect tiffany if he wins out if he wins Hannah obviously i do not think would put tiffany up. I do not think would allow me to go home. Aga said she was not going to put tiffany up but has reconsidered that option. She talked to exert She might wanna put xavier up on the block. Next to eliza she might she might wanna use tiffany ultimately. If elissa comes down she wants to go which means she's going to do whatever it takes to make sure the kyle and goes which means that exhibitor or somebody is going to have to lie to her about their vote ahead of time in order to get her to do something that that prevents thailand from going home which. I don't think that they're willing to do so. In aasa h win a hannah h win or kyla nature. Oh win.

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