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H d to Los Angeles Orange County live everywhere on the younger radio ass. Look down at the Capitol. I'm Amy King live from the key. If I 24 hour news from a rehearsal of Joe Biden's inauguration has been called off, and participants were evacuated from the West front of the Capitol, The Capitol complex was put into lockdown. As it turns out, it was because of a fire at a homeless encampment blocks away. Walk through that included a military band. Ah, the participants were told to get inside and head to a secure location. People involved in the rehearsal, said. Security officials yelled. This is not a drill. 25,000 National Guard troops have been called to Washington D. C to patrol Joe Biden's inauguration. Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy says federal investigators of vetting those troops continually Going through the process and look taking 2nd 3rd looks at every one of the individuals assigned to this operation. Officials say they're concerned some law enforcement and military members could be sympathetic to the views of those who stormed the U. S Capitol earlier this month to L. A county supervisors say the county needs to get working to expand vaccine access for seniors. The county is mostly vaccinating first responders and health care workers now. But supervisors Janice Hahn and Katherine Barker's say the state's recommendation is to vaccinate all people 65 older and that makes sense because those people make up more than 70% of covert 19 deaths. Orange County has already started vaccinating seniors. But there are issues with limited supplies. L A county has lifted environmental regulations on cremation because so many people are dying of covert 19 air quality. Regular regulators normally limit how many people could be cremated a month because of the fumes released into the air. But with the county's death rate doubled, regulators say cremation.

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