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They've really put over Zack sabre junior strong out of the new Japan Cup. I think the idea this new Japan Cup should be. Let's really Bill. It somebody up here, particularly since they're not likely going to beat J Y. She want to give them as much as possible. And here the way this things laid out the person that's going to get the gonna get going to get the big elevation is whoever added that a Bucci versus Naito thing comes out because as I said, I think that person is beating beating a Zack sabre junior Anton Ohashi afterwards and having Okada just when at the end, I don't think that you know, that that has I think people are going to be thinking more about the other person. Which is I don't think what they want going into the into the garden show. Moreover, if they if they do that, they can then well, the number of things that that also saves Okada and white for later Okada and white in naitonal white. I think are the two biggest matches of the bunch. She saved those two for later one of them for the dome one of them, you could have like king of pro wrestling, and it would allow them to still do Okada versus Tana Hashi at Madison Square Garden or maybe kind of tonight. So if you wanted will still having a strong ID BG title match on the same car with white versus a Bouche with a double main event because I'm sure they're gonna want really strong show. So that's my pick a Bucci winning this thing. So we'll see if if it turns out that way, but I I'm pretty good at predicting ghettos booking. So we'll see if I do well there as well. Also in the first round of the the new Japan Cup to other match that stand out are are Nagata versus issue. Which is a thing. They've been building up for awhile originally going to be in the the new beginning. Show one of the new beginning shows here in the US. But after they had the visa issue. They weren't able to do it there. So now, you've got it here on that should be a a a great match, and then also caught against Michael Algan, which should should be a strong one as well. So that's the that's the new Japan Cup coming up or goal. So then you will see John Jones already back at action. Yes. Don Jones is is going back coming up this week at at you'll see to thirty five. I don't I don't expect the big pay per view number. But it's it's a strong deep card. You know, John Jones were Santa Fe Smith for the light heavyweight title Smith is eight massive underdog. And for good reason because Jones is so much better of a fighter but Smith does have knocked out power, and he's tough. If if Jones is overlooking him too, much, the fight underneath it is is I think for a lot of people more intriguing which is Tyron Woodley defending the welterweight title against Kamara who spun and and that's a. Or mardi use this. He's known in some circles. That's that's one of my favorite little like things going on right now. In may. I don't know if you've seen this at all way. But so Comoros mon- Bill this the Nigerian nightmare, maybe..

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