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Winning out over the field the caller in the trademark thunder from down under guys wanna talk the old lady into come in next year the most mobile that comes to you that's that's and you charge whatever you want for that mimosa getting paid eighteen dollars eighteen dollars that's fine not including tip that's right there is a wine and beer barley last year there was so mind but let's not leave anything to chance that cooler attack cooler so also i'm looking down your roster of vehicles davis e have a first gen ford mustang for sorry ford bronco which is though you went how about another vehicle that is just gone through the roof those broncos you know the follow the land land cruiser the toes all that stuff the defender all the kind of oxy seventies eighties wherever toyota of england america everyone is onto those cars big way right i bought mine in two thousand five just because i kind of always wanted one i think i had a toy of what is akin who was kinda liked him and so from with fords and i started looking for one and i wanted to find with uncut rear fenders which is the kind of the style they were yeah also wanted to without rust which is tough but i found one and i bought it at the right time because the value has just gone crazy jonathan ward a friend of mine he came up to me for years ago and he says he goes has your bronco besides tripling in value.

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