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Would community idiot? Yeah, well, that's the thing I mean like. I mean how irresponsible as it that if you have someone who's been saying saying some bunk, ass, Shit, and then they you call them on it. And then they said no, no, no I don't. I don't like that, and then you just don't like an eye on them to double check like it's just. It's so irresponsible. Just hilarious, it's like Brittany's just too stupid guys manner from the soon as I saw on social media. What people were saying? I can tell you. Britney was cited. She had no idea pasta. Even after an article game out about like. If Tom hadn't said something, she would have still had the fucking pastor. As her pastor after all of that stuff with compiled, I mean yeah, so then Schwartz goes. You know what I think over the years familiarity has bred contempt with these two convenient narrative. Right Bubba right so now he's trying now. He's talking now back to I. Don't even know. So. They've been close to each other. I guess because now now it's back to Jackson and let's just generalize it. It's not about Jackson Britney. You know having a homophobic pastor Jackson Thomas just protect just really kind of sick of seeing each other around Ambi. Shut off Swertz, so then Santa's like I had been a much better friends at that motherfucker has ever been to. That motherfucker has ever had as an entire life, and I've never had anyone do more. Things to me in my entire life furniture phone the JAGS. which points had just explodes, and it's like great reunion guys. Jackson's like yeah, but you want so bad. Come to my wedding. It's like you're begging me, please. Your wedding. It's like on the guidelines to follow to even go to your buck in wedding. He's like I. Don't even want you there. Bro, and that's my biggest regret. I got bullied into it by the girls and the girls all cover their face like. Which is funny on. Different. It's funny in retrospect I forgot about that, and how the girls were so resisted having kristen at Katie, steeping thing, and how they totally they did. They were like Jackson should have them there so bullied. Come on, come on, come fuck on I. Ask you point blank if you want me there and you said well I expected you to fly there and surprise me. I mean you expected your mom to you up? After all the shit used about her, and then Brittany Jacks are both like. Mentioned, the mother. You! Know. What Jackson been going there the entire season and he wasn't saying anything about the MOM saying. You talked about your mom, and then you still expected to show up so. That's bullshit and those are such hypocrites, and that was the best thing about this like it was a dark this, was it? It was a fun reunion, but then it was like hard at the same time, but God this was fun just watching Jackson Britney lose it and I. Hope Charlie's words really go to the top, and they're just cancelled like I think she made them..

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