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Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa. Maybe not. Ottawa, Ottawa. Probably They probably don't like the Leafs or the Canadians, either, right? I was thinking that I was thinking if you're Montreal or Toronto or Ottawa fan like that triangle there. You're not rooting for any of the other. Yes. So maybe West of Ontario. The rest of the country west of Ontario. Would they be rooting for Montreal? Because you want Canada win a cup? And the answer apparently is no. They're not. Uh, so I I guess I understand that. I just was wondering if that was part of the story line. Uh, Jesus was something it does a little bit. I know. It's completely like a much bigger scale does a little bit. Remind me of Rooting for your conference in college, right? Like you hate these schools. They're your rivals, and then you get into like the tournament or something like, Well, you know what? So on the A C C to win to show like we're the best right. It's the much larger scale I get it. But I've always found that kind of debate. Fascinating because there are people who say no way. That's my rival. I cannot root for that team. And others would say no, No, we want to keep in the conference to show where the best I used to do that a while ago, Sal. I was You know when, uh, When I was a huge baseball fan, I would I would always root for the National League in the World Series. You know, Um if the Mets weren't if that's where I would, But even if the Mets weren't there would tend to be a nationally guy. Or I mean, I got to be honest, it would never work in the NFL. I mean, who's rooting for the Dolphins or the Patriots? Right? I mean, that's just crazy talk, so I would tend to do that for that. I went to buff state, so I really don't sorry. I can't get involved in the division one Tournant. Well, well, you know, I don't have a stake here for well, you know, I went to Michigan State. Don't think I'd be rooting for Michigan in the tournament. But maybe I'd be rooting for Wisconsin. You know, I don't have a stake in that. Unfortunately, let's see. So we'll start there. Ladies and gentlemen, on this Friday morning 80305 50 to join us 8885 52 5 50 Montreal is in The Stanley Cup final. Uh, your thoughts. We will also get some other stuff, including, um Some bills talk on the show today. We will also talk. As I said, a little bit about the best day in your sports fans. Life. To this point, we'll get to that two phone lines are always open. 80305 50 or 8885, 52 5 50 on the topic. Whatever else you want to talk about, That's fine, too. Today we're going to be joined by John Beilein at 7 30..

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