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Ninety sixth avenue southeast that's near Olson's meets I- Kia. Passenger car reportedly going pretty fast lost control to Johnson says that car spun and collided with a Ford f one fifty pickup truck occupants of the KEA were ejected. Anyone fortunately deceased at the scene to or transported to Harborview by the two taken by air in critical condition. The driver of the truck hit a power pole. Brought the wires down across the highway so crews were out there working on that for several hours that man suffered injuries as well. But he is not seriously hurt. No information yet on the people in the Kia who died at the scene. Carleen johnson. Komo news seven years after the murder of a retired Seattle businessmen. The suspect has been tracked down and arrested in Japan. The Seattle times reports Kyung hee Dowdell was arrested in brought back to Seattle last week where she's now being held on five million dollars bail. The victim was seventy five year old Toshio prosecutors say he frequented doubtfuls restaurant in Federal Way several times a week launder money and named her in his will after their relationship soured, any removed her from the will is body was found dumped in an irrigation. Ditch in eastern Washington Donald is charged with first degree murder along with four counts of forgery for allegedly writing checks on Otis Bank accounts. The King County sheriff's office is. A woman fired a shot at one of its deputies this morning near north bend has happened that lawless state park at around two fifteen this morning police received a call from a person who thought that someone was breaking into their trailer when they got there they say a woman fired off a shot. No one was hurt. That woman is detained while deputies try and figure out why she opened fire. Let's go most Kelly Kookmin's reporting Boeing stocks taking another hit at the prospect that a twenty two billion dollar order might be canceled. As komo's Brian Calvert tells us, one of their customers is not very happy at all Lionair co-founder rucci Khurana very angry with Boeing saying the company has deflected responsibility for the October twenty ninth crash that claimed one hundred eighty nine lives now Boeing hasn't said anything on the record since this threat. I service, but industry insiders seem to agree. Boeing shouldn't worry too much. The tussle may be the ignition point to get out of an order that may have been too big for lion air in the first place as a couple of people who know about the situation, they say lion air has already been discussing possible. Deferrals of max. Deliveries. Scott Hamilton, head of Bainbridge island, aviation consultancy Liam dot net says with a backlog of just over forty five hundred planes, the Macs program could afford to lose a couple of hundred orders. Brian Calvert, KOMO news crops. He determines a sea lion died from a gunshot wound. It's the tenth one to have been found shot to death in Puget Sound according to Seattle dot com. Some of those deaths were caused by acute trauma, including encounters with humans or attacks by other animals, killing sea lions is illegal under the federal marine mammal act is punishable by year in jail and twenty five thousand dollars in fines, the weather getting a lot colder as we head into winter. There are a number of things though, you need to do to get your home ready. Komo's Denise Whitaker reports. Number one, definitely make sure you disconnect all hoses forgetting to do. This could end up costing you a lot. If those hoses freeze, rich heart certainly knows. He's the guy who gets the call the fix it. When that happens every year, we get tons of phone calls coming in bibs irradiation lines popping because of the. The fact that indicated on getting things shutdown properly before the big freezes. It tells me that the Bill to fix that can be anywhere from two hundred fifty to five hundred dollars, and that's per faucet newer homes. He said do come with antifreeze hose bibs that keep the water inside the wall where it won't freeze, but all others really should be covered. And those covers only cost a few bucks anyone with a sprinkler system. Should also make sure it's already turned off flushed and heart suggests a stuffing insulation down over those plastic pipes if you're traveling at all during these winter months, you might be inclined to turn the heat down just a little bit trying to save some energy. But heart says in some turning it off set the thermostat only to fifty degrees spending just a few dollars and just a little bit of your time can really save you down the road. Komo news time eleven forty professional hockey coming to the Pacific northwest. Seattle granted an expansion team in the National Hockey. League's scheduled the star playing in the twenty twenty one twenty twenty two season. It's also the Tuesday after a bloody Monday for the Seattle Mariners. Komo's Bill Swartz with more now from the Harley exterior sports desk. Major traits have gutted the Seattle. Mariners major league roster. Parting company with top players like James Paxton, Robbie canot, gene. And the all star closer Edwin d as the picked up veteran center fielder. Jay, Bruce from the Mets guy pretty familiar with these Seattle organization. Idolizing griffey. I got to play with them. Cincinnati. Stay in touch with them. I know a little bit about the team have been to the stadium a couple of times. And according to several reports the Mariners might not be done moving players. The Seahawks have an extra day to rest up for next. Monday's home game against the Minnesota. Vikings Seattle is lost right guard DJ fluker for an extended period with a hamstring injury. Ohio State University today announces football coach urban Meyer will step down after the buckeyes play the Washington. Huskies in the Rose Bowl Mayer has won three national championships over his career. He also served a three game suspension earlier this season after an investigation showed Meyer knew about spousal abuse involving one of his Ohio State, assistant coaches. I'm Bill Swartz. You can hear the Rosebowl on the home of the huskies. Komo news. Alexa,.

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