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This comes as the U. S. Supreme Court has heard the latest challenge to the health law. Biden will defend it and discuss his support for widening the to include a public option. I would let Mohr people purchased government sponsored health insurance as President elect Biden should start receiving daily intelligence briefings similar to the one that's presented to President Trump. But so far this has not happened. NPR's Greg Marie explains. Why This tradition of providing intelligence briefings to the president elect dates back more than half a century, according to David Priest, a former CIA officer. We've had the solid tradition since the 19 sixties, when the president's daily brief was first created. That he sitting president has offered it to the incoming president. But President Trump has not accepted the election result in his administration has not yet authorized Biden and his team to start receiving government resources. This covers everything from office space desks and computers to intelligence briefings. Greg Marie NPR NEWS Washington The Food and Drug Administration is approving a new treatment for covert 19. NPR's Richard Harris reports. It's manufactured by pharmaceutical maker Eli Lilly. The drug is called a monoclonal antibody. It has to be given by ivy infusion and expensive process that involves going to an emergency room or an infusion center. Most people with mild moderate symptoms don't end up in the hospital, so it won't actually benefit most people who get it. The FDA has limited. It's used to people at highest risk of illness that is people over 65 people with underlying health conditions, including obesity. NPR's Richard Harris. The Vatican has issued a lengthy report critical of the role of three papacies over an ex cardinal. The official was elevated despite allegations of decades of sexual misconduct. NPR's Sylvia Poggioli reports. Most of the blame falls on Pope John Paul, the second Pope Francis ordered the investigation following allegations made by a former altar boy in 2017 that the now defrocked Theodore McCarrick groped him when he was a teenager in New York. The report states that numerous bishops and Popes downplayed or dismissed rumors about McCarrick. The most striking revelation is that Pope John Paul, the second a saint since 2014 appointed McCarrick, archbishop of Washington in 2000, despite a letter from the late You, Your Cardinal John O'Connor. O'Connor said the movie was imprudent because McCarrick was known to invite seminarians to sleep in the same bed with him. The report implies. John Paul's experience and Communist Poland convinced him. Rumors about priests are used to damage the Catholic Church. Sylvia Poggioli. NPR NEWS Rome On Wall Street, the Dow is up 104 points. The NASDAQ is down 205. This is NPR. Live from K G D News. I'm Brian Watt Cove in 19 cases increased sharply in Santa Clara County in recent days, health officials say close to 360 new cases were reported on Sunday. That's the second highest number of daily cases since mid July. County health officer, Dr Sara Cody says this Serge is a bad sign for residents and for sectors of the economy that have recently reopened. We are trending ourselves right into the red and potentially the purple tier of the state's framework, which, as you know, means a lot more restrictions. County officials say they will step up education programs and enforcement for businesses that aren't in compliance. The rise in cases in the South Bay comes this covert 19 cases are also increasing statewide. San Francisco supervisors plan to vote today on whether to extend the city's commercial eviction moratorium through next March. It is currently set to expire at the end of this month. The new ordinance would protect small business owners from the eviction during the pandemic and give them up to two years to pay back any owed rent. After the moratorium ends. Supervisor Aaron Peskin sponsored the ordinance, he says it is especially important for San Francisco's communities of color if we lose these businesses, particularly in neighborhoods like Time town, Japantown They will never come back. The ordinance also allows landlords to move forward with evictions if.

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