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Best there we go. It's funny you and get some good. You're on a podcast. What's a podcast as we've we've all this. That's the best so while we get the goldfish situation settled over there. Tim i wanna i wanna jump to your real quick because i i do have a couple of questions for you. Okay so are you going to any of the festivities this year or is this really at. You've got too much other stuff. You bring your kid to college at your daughter getting married. What what are you going on the the week of holy crap. What did we sign up for so this guy the youngest moving into her dorm while the middle child moved into her apartment at college station monday. Some wife took care of that. Fortunately so i wasn't involved. D three is moving into her dorm. Tomorrow we basically dropped her into the dorm. We pour out of the dorm. Come back here for the friday herschel. Dinner wedding festivities turnaround sunday. Morning driver rightback because classes start monday. It's it's just a you know this is. How could we plan this wedding in this week. It's it's it's just Issues really crazy and then trying to close some business. We got some stuff happening right now. Trying to get that in. It's been a little bit crazy week. Nice everything. I wanted to come back to something. You said earlier mad. That i found it. Maybe a new question to ask people which was where were you. What were you doing when you realize. Holy crap cove things going to be a big deal and you said you at the bar and oklahoma city watching the oklahoma city thunder game and for me. We were actually at lamar university with my youngest. When someone came in and announced that houston rodeo. Only the biggest thing that happens every year was cancelled. Yeah and we were what day three or four into the houston rodeo okay..

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