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Temperatures will struggle today to get to the mid teens ten o'clock. Good morning hot. Ben parker. Here's what's happening. Well, yes, it is the weather. It's cold weather for us and the advice from meteorologist Danielle Niles is. It's definitely the day. You need to layer up in you need to cover up the exposed skin that dangerous territory by late morning for most of us in hour by hour in Boston. We do rise into the teens today about sixteen is where we'll top out at. So the wind chill at Basle being the single digits with sunshine out in full force today. And it's only seven degrees right now in Boston that wind does make it feel a lot colder, and you know, when cold weather clamps down on the region. Those who ride public transportation not only have to deal with the cold. But are leery about what will happen with service WBZ's? Chris fob has been out along the t taking the temperature of passengers. So what exactly is it like to take the tea when it's all three degrees outside? I ask this guy. Brutal. Absolutely brutal. And he wasn't alone. Plenty of people voice their frustrations with the poll of vortex, but not so much with the t- itself, which although at present some challenges to them is better than the alternative driving into Boston is cost prohibitive, given the price of parking and just trying to find a place parking. Even if you're willing to pay the money, so the trains the best option, but sometimes that's even tough too. Yep. That exasperation can be palpable at times, but the grass is rarely greener when it comes to the morning commute and Boston from the red line T station in Chile Braintree mass, Chris pharma, WBZ Boston's NewsRadio much more to come in the cold weather. We'll take you to Chicago coming up where it's been brutal. The last couple of days to say the least violent crime on the NBA is down numbers reflecting historic lows over the past three years with a twenty two percent decline between twenty sixteen and last year incidence of violent crime dropped five percent alone between two seventeen in two thousand eighteen transit police superintendent Richard Sullivan, telling the Boston Globe they've adopted a holistic. Approach to patrolling the transit system, especially when it comes to interactions with juveniles, and it has been extremely says juvenile wrestle the fallen by thirty three percent over the last three years keto to Super Bowl Sunday is coming up the patriots and Rams in Super Bowl fifty three in Atlanta CBS's, Steve tells me there crowds aren't quite in place yet, but they are coming. We're seeing more and more people arrived every day. I'm seeing so far more patriot fans ram fans. I think it's maybe a little easier to get here from Boston, then once Angeles, although big hub. So they will be here by game time on Sunday. We usually see the people start to arrive Thursday Friday, the most here by that time in the last minute people get on the weekend for the became. But you're seeing lots more excitement. I do think the intensity level is going to build up the next forty eight hours WBZ's. Adam Kaufman is in Atlanta as well. We'll be checking in with him shortly and throughout the day. And don't forget you can't be Niro radio. You can always listen to WBZ anywhere anytime. Just download the iheartradio app. It is becoming a tradition for a father and daughter from Bellingham John Murray. Spend a patriots season ticket holder for nearly fifty years this weekend. John and his daughter shayna will be attending their eleventh patriots SuperBowl together. Yup. They've attended. Every patriots appearance beginning with their first one in New Orleans back in one thousand nine hundred eighty six when China was eight Apache five and five over the first ten Super Bowl. Dave attended John tells WBZ TV he remembers parts of every game. But the real takeaway is the father daughter bond coming up the state of the union next week. We'll tell you what the president wants to talk.

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