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The end and wsb and fm new york wfp and twenty twenty score four o'clock i'm chris lowe press phil jackson made it publicly known he wanted to move on from anthony this offseason and even though jackson is gone now it seems steve bills or whoever is running things these days at the garden wants to do the same atri motion are asking reporting at the nixon rockets have expanded this scope of their melo trade talks to include a third and perhaps even a fourth team to make a deal work with all of the contract math sounds like there is a willing third team already on board with the fourth team would likely to likely need to take on a particular contract could be the one belonging to ryan anderson who has three years and sixty one million dollars remaining anthony a full no trai a clause of course but is said to be willing to waited to join the rockets or the cavaliers other nba news notes despite the balance of power further shifting towards the west this offseason commissioner adam silver said the league will not consider rebalancing the conference's or altering the current playoff format however he did leave the door open for rebalancing more sixteenthseed tournament somewhere our down the road a welcome change that is coming next season less timeouts down from eighteen to fourteen per game only two of which can be used per team over the course of the final two minutes of each game baseball's allstar break continues no action until friday night when the yankees resume play up in boston with the big fourgame series against the first place red sox joe girardi team entered the break losing eighteen of twenty five so it's a simple task to begin the unofficial second half of the seas big thing is we need to play better you can't worry so much about were you are you we have to go out and play veteran and we just haven't done that lately three and a half back at the sox atop the a elites no official pitching matchups for that series just yet meantime the mets home for a threegame set with the rockies this week unlike the yankees terry collins squad struggle just before the break losing five of their last six to.

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