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And colby covington that's what i was gonna ask nets as coaches for the ultimate fire in the way that works the two coaches ultimately fight for one another because tyrants the champion the title would be on the line i don't know that that rumors true and i don't know who started at but i know that dialogue is out there and like anything if it does gained this is a business first and guys always want to argue i've got the winds in the resume on my side the winds and the resume is wonderful but the mandate of the masses trump's everything if people get on board with wanted to see colby versus tire and more than they get on board a seen tyrant versus ardy a that's the fight the i'd be okay with ardian colby at the small becher ass loud be probably the most entertaining fight any all of them any which way you wanna do it yeah i have no problem with i got no problem i have no prompting is time i think we are forgetting one fighter though josh emmett nia josh emmett kind of had a little party yeah he did he did doug gone it i mean uh thought that sound like i was down on him no i i by surprise a con everyone there was some commentary at the end of that fight that i did not agree with uh llamas his head was bouncing off the madden cormie was a commentator he began counting that in slow motion watch his head bounds one two three times i was just go oh my god why why am i want a it yes that fight was gray for some reason when you brought it up i ha i my mind went to the place at all he can i was kinda mortified in front of the tv amac analyst emir side i'm not really sure where they came from but i was watching them counted and going who is not in his ear saint stop doing that stop county in an unconscious man's head bouncing off of a canvas in additioning roundthehead bounce fivetimes and he said it was three and then he countered in slow motion one two three in the head goes to more times and so he didn't even counter doha the whole thing was it made me uncomfortable quite frankly made me recover but a good way.

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