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That's what I'm trying to figure out. It was just that. She I saw the question. She was yes, she must have been saw her talking with complete senses. And now I realize that she must be hypnotized. Right. She's used some kind of potion we need to get to the bottom of amazing insure if candidate year like what there's some like they've been cooking up in some lab. Just waiting to release talking about how she is a social super soldier, right? That didn't Alex Jones right there. Yeah. Globalist. Oh, less. Super soldier. She's it. Jared Kushner goes what do we do? What are we going to do with that love and we'll scam scam? He's in he's too good. You got caught using. What's happened his own Email servers while it's wrong with that? I don't know. Nothing ready. Like who gives a shit? I know. But that's the sad shit. Right. Is his own son in law who's doing business with like high level business? Right. Okay. Who knows who he's telling everything, you know, you sound like Trump describing his own work. Leveled is the highest level. I'm great at deals sales are my language semi level. Some of the deals I'm putting together synergy international relations that you wouldn't compute. I think it's like one of the things I've kind of gotten lost like I mean, there's so much ridiculous. Having all the time. But like Jared Kushner has like high end security clearance for like, no reason like there's like an idiot. Yeah. It was just like wandered into the situation. And he's just like people give him money now that he has high level security clearance. Exactly, they're they're that's the other thing. Trump is making it for so much money. It's like well. Yeah. And that's why there's so many angles in right like whether it's their suspecting. The woman who started them Sasha parlor that Robert Kraft got busted that could possibly be worth Robert Kraft busted at this. Did he though? Readers wanna know, very brief encounter. And. Yeah, that she could be cut out for Chinese intelligence goes deep. Yeah. It's weird. Like it started off like that. You're like, oh this woman who's mar-a-lago. And then like hold on she's using sort of the same mechanisms that like counterintelligence people are saying she was like hanging out with Trump giving a lot of money under the guise of being a business person. And that's sort of like, how China do you fly all the way down to Florida for Hanjour? There's gotta be something else that play you're a fucking multi-billionaire. You get a high end escort a hand job. Wherever you want was honestly my first question. At work. Right. Why is he going? Oh is he flying down there? I didn't realize he flew specifically to Florida apparently to I mean, maybe not just to go there. But like do stop off yet to go to that place. Well, maybe he's trading secrets anyway, allegedly. I don't so again, Robert Kraft is a man. People are saying, but yeah. Like in the same thing with Jared Kushner, like he has vulnerabilities he has debts. They're finding ways to get influenced by you know, sidetrack like sidestepping and getting influenced by approaching Jared. So anyway that book Kushner Inc. As out I think, but there's more more excerpts that are just trying to grouping Murdoch in that Jane Mayer article about the Fox News White House. They say that Rupert Murdoch talks to Jared Kushner leg daily. Yeah. Yeah. Think of those things mentors. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Keep going. Well, my boy. Exactly, it's like the. Forget you spy. But yeah. So there's a few key things. And again, the this whole genre of book of ood, you won't guess what? I saw on the white highs right which is line of exploitative. Yeah. It is. And it really doesn't offer any new information. But it's nice to get details. Are things we ridiculous. Also, it's just wild..

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