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Saying that's how I thought he could beat RDA was ground, and pound knots amid RDA didn't think he would submit RDA. I didn't also already I would submit Kevin Lee. I did say once your damage to hurt or for Teague all bets are off. That's a little bit different. But when he wasn't able to get RDA, two things one. He was expending energy and to did you see how relaxed RDA looked was looking at the clock. He was defending, it looked like he was communicating with his coaches and a look like anything. He was just going. Excellent. Because he knew that, when that that position ended, whether it was the referee, breaking them up or if he was able to get one hoax, get out of that. He knew that he kind of one that little mini battle a little mind battle that goes on. All right. Look, let's this break. And then when we come back, I'll tell you what. I think each guy should do next. Plus, we'll take another call. We got somebody on deck already Johnny from candidates, MMA junkie radio on series, accent nation channel six they close. We'll be back. Doing for talking to you. No, no. Don't know what happened out there tonight. Everything. Right. Leading up to this fight trying to eliminate every little distracting everything that wouldn't. Good for me. Swear felt like something everything was falling into place. Was talking to me even before walked out there. Still. Dishes sometimes would be like. Hi, is high, and low as lows should really make you question, what you believe in. Lot of this. I really angle ship, both I phone in Android. Carry a feature to make their show. More enjoyable. It's called the.

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