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Department of Corrections is now open Chinese New Year alert. It is the year of the Ox. Last year was the year of the Rat. Thanks for the texts. I think that was read out of context, though the person sent that saying when we were talking about what Steve Bertrand was doing with rats? Yeah, That's right. Our discussion yesterday about that prompted that message, and I thought it was about our egg roll discussion. I can't keep track of the topics here. Thank you. Control room. Joe 7 23. Let's get some extreme in local news from Black Club Chicago. Shame is to me joins us now. Morning shameless. Born about Ah, lot of talk about golf lately. And you have AH, story about a NAFTA school golfing program. That sounds good, Phyllis in on this That's right. There's a push in Chicago to get more kids in the Gulf of particularly on the South and West sides. There's operation called World Gulf Chicago Foundation that's starting a bunch of programs around town. And the first one is actually it's going to be on the North side, and it's got a building that a lot of people would recognize The old Waveland clock tower, right it Waveland and the lakefront. I recognize it for years and years, the cameras at Wrigley Field would could could shoot it from the bleachers. Be like when the between innings they would show this ivy covered clock tower. Well, it's been out of use for a long time. I think the people that play 16 and softball right there can use the bathrooms there, but the rest of building it is not very useful for now. But this group called first Tee. Greater Chicago is just broke ground. They're going to redevelop that building and turn it into a youth golfing facility. It's gonna have a clubhouse in there. It's gonna have a computer equipment you where you can, You know golf simulators inside, and then they're gonna do putting greens and some golfing areas outside as well. Really. With the goal of attracting 17 18 year old kids who could do after school golf programs will have some areas where they could study and do their homework and really, just Provide opportunities for kids. TOC start to develop the love of the game. Sounds like a plan this vacant land in North Lawndale could that possibly become a youth Baseball center? You know what that's it's one of six possibilities that that's going on. Right now. Your listeners may remember the Silver shovel federal investigation that ended up sending six Chicago alderman to prison. Well, one of the key elements of that Investigation was they had a guy handed out bribes and two aldermen who then would let him Construction equipment at Roosevelt and cost during the North Lawndale neighborhood, and I just remember the pictures from back in the nineties. This thing was six stories high. They called it Mount Henry out there, and it really just sort of wrecked that section of the neighborhood as you could imagine. Mayor Daley cleaned it up a couple years later. But you know lots of lingering resentment that That they would let this toxic dump be built. Just Tonto sort of catch alderman out there while the neighbors were being affected by it, But it's all cleaned up. Now the city is trying to find developers that will build projects there. So right now, it's sort of a competition last night and tonight three different development groups each night are going to present plans for what they want to build. Their lots of people are proposing data storage. Industrial buildings, but also some elements like cafes and Cem Cem Parks, But I'd say the most prominent of them all is the is the trouble. Cubs chair Do you want to build the Cubs Urban Youth Academy, which would be indoor outdoor baseball center rooftop deck. Andre just, you know ways for for her kids in north Lawndale and young adults in law or North Lawndale, too, You know, practice baseball play baseball. Um and you know, there would also be other things as well. Cafes. And after school programming, So it's interesting. They're going toe. The community gets the way innit in on these projects at an online meeting, Um they're going to present all the findings in March. Pick one of them, and then we'll see if this gets built in the next year or so clean up. Mount Henry. A lot of land there. What is it? Roosevelt and Costner, right? Roosevelt and Costner's. It's 20 Acres that they get a huge spot. And like I said, it is all cleaned up its you know, down to the ground. Now, all the construction debris is gone, but where they're hoping to get something productive on that site. Finally, you've got an interesting post at Block club Chicago that, or GTA talked to our old friend Lee Bae, the architecture critic about the South Side, Green Line. What's the story there? Right. This was in depth report. Their angle would reporter Jamie Nesbitt Golden wrote, And it's really about the green line that runs through angle would and how years of disinvestment on it is really impacted the neighborhood, but more importantly, how neighbors now are trying to reclaim some of the stations. Really boost the neighborhood by adding more transit there. Um, sort of the report focused on the Racine Stop, which was built in 19. Oh, seven was open for about 90 years. The city closed at 94 temporarily and we're on year 27 of temporary closure and it's just, You know, the station's still there. It's in, You know, we've got a bunch of photos of it. It's you know, enormous disrepair, but it's salvageable for sure. And these organizes really wanted to get it back open. Hope to get some business is thriving along that stretch. You know, there's a whole push in Chicago, obviously for transit, Orrin and development. You know, people want to live near places where they can get the trade easily and get to work. But most of these all happened on the North side. And so I know Mayor Lightfoot in other politicians trying to encourage developers to build these transitory and developments on the South and West side as well. And and the organizers say this is a perfect spot. If you want to put your money where your mouth is. This is a station that if you reopen it could really pump some more energy into the 63 63rd Street corridor in England. Chambers to me. Thanks for the extremely local news update will talk to you tomorrow. You got it. Thanks, Bob. Coming up after 7 30 News, our weekly briefing on the virus and vaccines from one of the world's top infectious disease specialist actor Eileen.

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