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Larry mullen break a man already facing a murder charge in albuquerque is now accused in another murder the albuquerque journal reports fifty five year old craig smith has been indicted in the death of eighty six year old host safina ortega who was suffocated insider home near wants to bow and indian school last may smith and fortyyearold yvonne hotta mio are charged with murder conspiracy kidnapping and aggravated burglary smith was earlier charged with murder in the death of terry williams whose body was founded east mountains about a month before ortega was killed the opioid epidemic doesn't discriminate and hits most every community into mexico to some extent that includes many of the pueblos around albuquerque now the us department of the interior is taking on the crisis on indian country from april april the seventh a joint task force read it thirteen pueblos in new mexico confiscating fortynine pounds of meth that carried a street value of two point five million dollars also agents found twenty two thousand dollars worth of marijuana plus smaller amounts of heroin and other narcan the task force also conducted three hundred and four traffic stops and ninety three vehicle searches he a hundred and twenty nine traffic citations and arrested eleven people for drug possession pat newsradio kk will be new mexico's about to get smacked with some very strong winds again the national weather service is issued a high wind watch tomorrow for much of northern and central new mexico including albuquerque meteorologists clay anderson says one of the problems will be blowing dust does present some dangerous or watson ideal driving conditions for folks either a potential here with us for some help impacts as we head into late day thursday thursday night respiratory issues for people that are sensitive to and says the fire danger will also be elevated no burning and burnley oh county county commissioners have passed a resolution that bans open fires campfires and smoking and unincorporated areas of the county over the.

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