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Makes sense yeah that's a green light rain ecstatic to drown when I got a dark yellow but I don't have any green dark yellow color yellow well that's the closest to greet his no green on the list the list for what your favorite color and what it inspires green so for me blue and blue is strength green is left out I always feel left out I like it he's your dental bill like that I'm putting the candy bar at this when we come back from traffic down he's going to give that to you deal with songs yeah he and I are going to talk about it they have a conversation it's it's very quiet on the system that is always good news though we do have on one hundred north valium crashes three ninety four ninety four three ninety four one with golden valley so look out for a crash there and that's it so tell you the weather is brought to you by skin rejuvenation clinic close guys ten o'clock tonight thirty six and sunny tomorrow it's going to be in the upper thirties to forty right now that is out there and my he said other lights in Burnsville Hey it's Steve if you haven't visited the Midwest's largest lighting show room we waiting for replacing old and outdated lighting I am telling you it's a quick and easy way to totally transform your.

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