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The end of the week, we thirty percent chance for rain with highs back in the ninety s channel four meteorologist Dave Nussbaum's. Pinpoint forecast is on the way. It just seemed like every time. The saints scored snapped trees has time looks down the near sideline has Ted Ginn junior junior for the touchdown. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers at an answer. All snap throw to the far sideline that balls caught right at the pylon and signaled touchdown. That's Chris Godwin on the reception nine yards and a touchdown for the box voice of the saints. Zach Streep calling the forty eight to forty loss for the black and gold not how saints fans wanted to start off the season WWL, Jim hanso talk with citizens of the who DAT nation fans of the who DAT nation had no explanation as to what went wrong when it comes to the defense. Offense played great. You have to stop the opposing team very very disappointing. That's about all I can think. Very disappointed. What do you think went wrong? What went right drew Brees looks fabulous. But that's it. Drew Brees in Kamara. I'm just so disappointed. I actually picked the saints for my survivor team week one in Kenner, Jim hanso, wwl first news Nike's ad campaign, featuring former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick ignited controversy capper Nick began the trend of athletes kneeling during the national anthem protests police, brutality, WWL TV's. Jade Cunningham reports. The controversy has flared up local from Kenner, mayor Benzon banning city booster clubs from buying Nike products. Went viral over the weekend address to the parks and recreation director on September fifth. The memo says quote under no circumstances will any Nike product or any product with the Nike logo be purchased for use or delivery at any city of Kenner recreation facility, Kenner city council member Gregory Carroll, who after confirming the memo was real is now making plans to rescind it a police chase was shots fired. Ended near the VA hospital in New Orleans. The pursuit included officers chasing suspects in a car on the I ten in downtown liens, the perpetrators exited memory road briefly went into Jefferson parish before winding back to Tulane avenue into the VA hospital. Initial reports indicated bullets may have hit two suspects. There are no reports of any police injuries. Hurricane Florence barrels toward the southeast. Could take aim at the Carolinas and Virginia later this week. CBS news update, the first evacuation orders have gone out on the North Carolina coast ahead of hurricane. Florence the deadline for people to leave Hatteras island is noon today eastern time, Tony Johnson lives in Raleigh tank again. I'm ready. It's expected to strengthen before it makes landfall and the Carolinas late Thursday or early Friday WCBS TV meteorologist Lonnie Quinn. Portions of the southeast have already had one of their top wettest summers. And now you're gonna put in certain areas fifteen inches of rain on top that maybe thirty inches in some localized area. There could very well be some catastrophic flooding with this system. Florence is already churning up. The surf in Daytona Beach swell action coming in be careful out there. Folks. Officials in Volusia county say one person drowned in the rough surf to were injured CBS news update. I'm Deborah Rodriguez. Supporters lining up behind Serena Williams after a penalty from the chair up cost her the US open championship here CBS's. Vicki Barker supporters like Novak Djokovic maybe champion should not have pushed to the limit. Especially in the grandson, final Williams charting. Sexism list behind umpire Carlos Ramos's, penalizing her a game after her outburst escalated to calling him a liar. And a. Former tennis star James Blake others do much worse. Inaugur penalize even some pros. Supporting Rommel's say the problem is inconsistency among umpire sticky. Barker CBS news on Wall Street, the Dow up three points, NASDAQ up twenty two oil up twenty nine cents at sixty four barrel. Here's Kristian garic, WWL sport this bag. The Browns report is brought to you by Felix as restaurant seventy four hundred lakeshore drive. Sure, the defense looked pretty bad giving up forty eight points in the opener for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a loss. But saints color analyst, deuce McAllister says the team still has some issues on offense as well. And better fix them and fix them fast before the Browns come to town this Sunday offensively. There's some things that they can clean up particularly in that third quarter. You've got to be able to run the football. And that's what they gotta figure out going into next week. The saints continue to struggle on third down after the first game of the season going forty four percent conversion Kristian garic, wwl sports. Today at four it's the second guess show with Cajun cannon, Bobby barren. WWL NFL analyst, Mike, Jillian live the silver slipper on the Mississippi coast sound off on the saints season opening loss their division rivals the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at six thirty. It's the saints coaches show, Sean Payton and offensive coordinator, Pete Carmichael, then at seven thirty. We joined the Monday night football doubleheader the New York Jets at Detroit followed by the LA Rams at Oakland..

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