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Children arch tapers has last night initiated. Not with us that. She didn't go with his life post. It seemed like initially josh and susan. We're pretty conservative. Couple loving family couple of kids. We learned that there was a lot of distress. Josh susan's marriage reaches rock bottom in the summer of two thousand eight josh and susan constantly fighting. She went to see a divorce lawyer. One time for a free consultation at my advice and he told her to make a videotape of everything in your house. This is me. July twenty nine two thousand eight covering all my bases making sure that if something happens to me my family are all of us. That our assets are documented. Police ended up discovering to safety deposit. Box susan kept secretly from that the bank where she worked in it. They found a dvd. Some savings bonds. And there was a makeshift will and testament. She wrote about how bad the marriage had become. She talked about a million dollar life insurance policy. That josh had taken out on her and she told her boys she would never leave them. She even goes as far as to say if i die. It made on the annexed that is our biggest piece of evidence. It's her last words. There is no doubt that this document was authored by susan. Police have officially named joshua powell a person of interest in the disappearance of his wife. Susan pile of circumstantial evidence. Is there enough there to arrest him and put him in. Jail and hold him accountable. Absolutely there. s bid we now. The district attorney's office would not file any charges. They were very specific and told us we needed to wait. Twelve months with no body. Abc news reached out to the da. At the time who declined to respond to this claim and refused to comment on the case within days of susan's disappearance. He had closed their bank accounts. Cashed out and fund took the boys to puyallup. Josh's dad steve pal. It takes control. He shields josh. From the media and becomes most defendant. Yeah all right. I get a call from josh. We were telling josh. Are you going to do this interview or not. And and he finally he finally said yes. He still love her yeah. He seemed very distant when i spoke to him. Josh did you kill your wife. His father was there and his father really wanted to be interviewed. He ends up revealing the biggest bombshell. We were watching this on. Tv and our jaws just dropped. Staying informed has never been more. The information is coming at us faster than ever. So how do you make sense of. It'll start here. hey. I'm brad milkey from abc news in every weekday we will break down the latest headlines. Just twenty minutes straightforward reporting dynamic interviews and analysis from experts. You can trust always credible always solid start here from abc news.

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