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Hi, this is Scott SAM's, just want to take a second here before you start listening to KRLD realize you have a choice of stations. You want to stream today? I'm personally grateful you've chosen to listen to us and why you're on the internet. I invite you to join me on social media at Scott, SAM's, news, make it a great day. Here. I grew up listening to KRLD starting in kindergarten Richardson. I never dreamed. I would one day get to anchor and reporter KRLD geo real deep really offers the best coverage fast and accurate because we truly care about you. I'm John little did. I think the best part of our traffic coverage is the roadwork roundup ideal that debris weekday between ten AM. And new letting you know where construction crews have set up make sure you tune into KRLD for traffic reports every ten minutes on the eight. This is KRLD meteorologist Brune off with another. Edition of weather one a one four we're all familiar what a drought is here in North Texas. But the simple definition shortage of water over extended period of time now droughts are normal part of the climate cycle clear in all climate zones for spam. Could be short or span years. Did you know there's been at least three major US droughts. And the last one hundred years, I court you all know the nineteen thirties dust bowl, but another big one happened in the nineteen fifties. Each of these lasted five to seven years and covered large areas of the country with devastating results, although hurricanes tornadoes or more dramatic droughts are among the most costly weather related events and the most far reaching from nineteen eighty to twenty fourteen there were twenty two drought events with losses exceeding. One billion dollars droughts may require safety precautions like other weather hazards, dry conditions lead to brush fires or wildfires. Severe weather in Texas. I'll help keep you informed around the clock on NewsRadio..

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